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The fun, fast, and interactive way to engage your audience and excite your fans. Real-time polls (web & SMS), Q&A, surveys, word clouds, and live chat. Pick whatever tool works for you, or run your next virtual event with us.

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Our Solutions

Presentation mode showing polling results
Doughnut type of data presentation
Helper screen showing SMS voting

Real-time Polling (Web & SMS)

Captivate and engage your audience everywhere! With Swift, you can provide real-time results from within your presentation and spark a fully inclusive conversation. Your audience can participate via web, QR code, embed or by using our SMS (Text to vote) feature.

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Ask multiple questions in succession and collect feedback

Audience Q&A

Make your sessions more effective with Swift Q&A. Find out what your audience thinks and empower them to submit questions anonymously while helping you prioritize which questions to start with using our upvoting feature. Built-in moderation tools and profanity filters.

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Word Cloud presentation mode

Word Clouds

Spark creativity with visual representations of words live from your audience (moderation filters are built-in) then present the data in a way that everyone understands.

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GV Live virtual events combining polls, chat & live video communication

Virtual Events

Virtual events, done right: Produce a beautiful, fully-branded live, virtual events with amazing audience interactivity features. A complete offering (Micro-sites, Live Streaming + CDN, Audience interaction, full branding control, and sponsorship abilities) that was built to scale.

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Live chat communication

Live Chat

Create a unique and branded chat experience for websites, live events, and Q&A. You can use it within web or mobile sites. Built-in powerful features.

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