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The easiest real-time polling app I’ve come across”

—Technoverse Blog

You're in good company

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  • Inc 500
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Swift Polling - Incredibly Simple to Use

  • Create



    Create any number of polls and then activate the one you want your audience to vote on using our user-friendly dashboard.

  • Present



    Present your poll on any screen and let your audience vote by text or online.

  • Results



    Provide real-time updated results from within your presentation and spark a fully inclusive conversation.

Simple and Effective

  • Your Audience will text to vote

    Your results will update in real-time

    Your audience can reply to the message and send in their questions.

    Feats 1 Vote by SMS texting


    Excite your Audience with Real-time SMS Polling

    Ask your audience questions and display the results in real-time.

  • Go to Swiftpolling.com

    Enter Your Event Code

    Vote and see results live

    New questions will update without having to reload the page

    Feats 1 Vote using mobile web widget


    Excite your Audience with Real-time Web Polling

    Choose from a wide range of web templates and display the results in real-time.

  • Laptop Interactive real-time results


    Interactive Real-time Results

    Full Microsoft PowerPoint integration with a choice of two display templates (light or dark).

    Microsoft PowerPoint + Google Slides

  • Engage 99% of your audience with Smart Q&A

    Audience can submit their questions by texting

    They can also send in their comments

    Or any topics that interest them

    Feats 1 Interactive real-time results


    Collect Questions & Comments in Real-time

    With the ability to text in your questions or comments and the ability to moderate your questions. You now can engage everyone in the room

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