Mar 22. 2020

#StayHome: Your Quarantine Kit for COVID-19

With all the disruption that COVID-19 has brought to us, it feels like a whirlwind to #stayhome, and adapt to a new lifestyle overnight. It might be stressful and energy-consuming, sedentary, occupied, and even distracting. I envy those who were used to working from home and the COVID-19 seems like a wind that’s tapping at their window and nothing more. Read more…


Jan 12. 2020

Edtech Trends to Watch For in 2020

Technology continues to change the way we live our lives, disrupting everything from shopping to banking. It’s no surprise, therefore, that education is following suit. Many of today’s students are digital natives, and technology grants educators the opportunity to create more engaging and accessible learning materials.

With such changes in mind, below are the top EdTech trends to keep in mind next year. Read more…


Dec 17. 2019

How to Organize an Interactive Roadshow Event

Get ready to kick off a roadshow event that will be remembered for quite a long time!

What is the purpose of a roadshow event? Read more…


Oct 29. 2019

9 Fun Classroom Icebreakers to Use in Academic Institutions

Learning happens best in a welcoming environment. Classroom icebreakers are a great way to establish such an environment. They help instructors to build meaningful relationships with students and encourage new students to get to know each other and feel comfortable in the classroom.

Many people consider fun games and activities as trivia, however these can really break the ice in the classroom and make students communicate. Read more…


Oct 29. 2019

A Simple Guide to Run a Really Interactive Webinar

Before talking about how to run an interactive webinar, let’s quickly see what is webinar and why it is useful.

A webinar is an interactive online seminar or a master class designed to educate around a clear and concise topic. Anyone with an internet connection and the necessary software can join it. Usually it lasts no more than an hour. Read more…


Oct 14. 2019

How to Run a Retrospective Meeting with Large Groups

What is the essence of a retrospective meeting? To tell you shortly, it is to provide clues for future improvements.

Retrospective meetings are an important part of teams that use agile and scrum methodology: at the end of an iteration, teams assess what worked, what didn’t work, and what could be improved.

But very often there is a need to conduct retrospective meeting with multiple delivery teams or at the company-wide level to surface issues impacting the entire company, make announcements, or celebrate personal accomplishments. Read more…


Oct 10. 2019

How to Organize a Successful Fireside Chat

In the contemporary world traditional presentations are yielding their place to fireside chats. WHY? To answer this, first let’s see WHAT fireside chats are.

A fireside chat is a dialogue between a speaker and a moderator.

Now let’s answer the second question, which was “WHY?”. Read more…


Sep 03. 2019

How to Organize Effective All-Hands Meeting

An all-hands meeting is generally an organization-wide business meeting in which an executive report is made to employees and stakeholders.
All-Hands meetings are often held on a regular basis as a means of keeping a large group of people up to date on important events and milestones.

An effective all-hands meeting usually begins with an important message and includes some form of question and answer capability. Read more…


Aug 30. 2019

How to Deliver Company Offsite Meetings that Work

As its name suggests, offsite meetings are aimed at bringing employees together “out of home” and talking about the company’s strategy, goals, and tactics.

Many facilitators think that in order to deliver company meetings that work it is important to Read more…


Aug 01. 2019

How to Increase Student Engagement with Swift Polling

Many teachers and professors want to increase student engagement and make classes more interactive. But sometimes that can be an issue especially now in the smartphone era. However, instructors can use the phone and other types of technology to their advantage. Here we are going to discuss how to increase student engagement with Swift Polling. Read more…