Dec 12. 2018

The ultimate guide to effective audience engagement

Effective audience engagement is vital part of any conference, seminar, workshop, or meeting.
Presenters very often don’t pay enough attention to the techniques of audience engagement. Some of them think that just presenting the information that they compiled long before the event can be enough. But in that case, the whole event becomes just a waste of time, as an engaged and satisfied audience is a KPI of a successful meeting. Read more…


Dec 06. 2018

How to Motivate Your Employees at Work

Here’s the situation: You’ve hired people with the required backgrounds and proven track records of success. Read more…


Nov 30. 2018

Swift Polling Now Supports UK Phone Numbers

Swift Polling is already in Great Britain. Create text and web polls with UK phone numbers and excite your audience. Don’t forget about open-ended questions and wordclouds to spark your Q&A sessions. Read more…


Nov 20. 2018

5 Killer Brainstorming Techniques for Your Meetings

We often find ourselves in situations where we are out of ideas and we need more minds to find a solution or to help us with a new fresh approach. Read more…


Nov 17. 2018

A to Z guide for student engagement with Swift Polling

One of the most common problems faced by teachers is how to keep their students focused, eager, and concentrated throughout a lesson. Read more…


Nov 12. 2018

Teaching strategies for higher education

Whether new or experienced, teachers get to deal with students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. Read more…


Oct 29. 2018

5 Destructive Things About Business Meetings and How to Solve Them

“I REALLY love business meetings!” — said no employee, ever. Read more…


Jul 04. 2018

7 interactive presentation games to amplify your event

Gamification is a buzzword nowadays, but how can we make use of it in real-life settings such as event planning, giving a presentation or organizing a meeting session? Read more…


Jun 25. 2018

Evolution of Voting (Infographic)

A vote itself has a simple definition: it is a choice made by a group or a particular person to make a decision or express an opinion. But hundreds of years ago the voting methods were completely different than they are now. Read on and learn how the most essential decision-making procedure shaped the world we live in.

Read more…


Jun 22. 2018

6 church survey tips to better engage your congregation

Sometimes it’s quite hard to find out what your congregation needs, as not all of them truly speak out. Usually, only the most active members share their feelings and thoughts, while the others are too shy. Anonymous church survey can be a great solution for these kinds of problems.

Read more…