12 Tips to Have Better Meetings This Year


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Do you find yourself looking back on the past year and thinking “It was great other than the flow of our team meetings.” Maybe it’s being better prepared, being more productive, or even simply having more engaging meetings all together. Whatever the reason, having better meetings in the new year is something that’s certainly achievable.



If you’re thinking about making “better meetings” a new year’s resolution, we’ve got the perfect tips just for you! Read on to get inspired and find the motivation you need to implement some positive changes for your team.

Give yourself enough pre-meeting time

There’s nothing worse than starting a meeting and realizing you have no real structure to follow. Give yourself enough pre-meeting time to design a meeting that will be productive and make sense. In fact, you might spend more time prepping for your meeting than you spend in the meeting itself.

Be upfront with the purpose of the meeting

It should be super clear to everyone what the purpose of your meeting is before it happens. Is it to come up with new ideas? Review something from the past? Or plan for the future? Whatever it may be, identify it and be sure to stick to it throughout the entirety of the meeting. 

Share the agenda ahead of time

Along with the purpose of the meeting it’s a good idea to share the agenda with those who will be in attendance. That way everyone will understand the expectations around the meeting and be able to prepare should they need to. This can lead to a more productive meeting overall.

Start the meeting off with a bit of fun

You want to start your meeting off on the right foot and what better way to do that than with a bit of fun? You can get everyone to participate in a poll and ask them questions or get them to share some jokes. Whatever it may be, a bit of fun can help to encourage participation.

Allow for social time during the meeting

Of course you want your meeting to stay on track, but a bit of socialization time can go a long way. It may be the only time those working remotely can communicate and get to know the team. It can also help to lighten the mood and get everyone on the same page for the meeting.

Try hosting a quiz

To take your meeting to the next level you might try hosting a quiz. This can help to build team culture and allow everyone to get to know one another. You could try doing two truths and a lie or some team trivia to mix things up.

Allow for silence to be present in your meeting

No one likes an awkward silence but silence can actually hold a lot of power in your meeting. It gives less assertive employees the chance to join the conversation. Silence also allows for everyone to process what’s being said and really take it in.

Strategically include everyone in the conversation

There’s always going to people involved in a meeting that talk more than others. Giving everyone a chance to express themselves is important, rather than simply listening to a few people only. 

Take the steps to invite those who are quieter into the conversation and watch it become a whole new experience for everyone.

Collect audience input

It’s always a great idea to collect audience input before the meeting even begins. They can let you know what they think will be most important to cover and what they intend to discuss during the meeting. Again, the more time you give them to think about the meeting the better prepared they will be!

Avoid sharing your screen if you can

It may not always be possible, but you should avoid sharing your screen when you can. Not being able to see everyone’s faces can lead to a lack of conversation and connection. If you need to share your screen, be sure to turn it off when conversation strikes.  

Make interaction easy

It should never be difficult for colleagues to interact with one another – especially during your meeting. Use polls, online chat, quizzes, and Q&A’s whenever you can to encourage interaction and make interaction easily accessible should anyone need it.

Better Meetings, Better Technology

As we step into the new year it’s very likely you’re going to be operating with a remote or hybrid team. Even if you’re not, having the right technology on your side can make all the difference when it comes to having better meetings.

Swift Events allows everyone to connect from wherever they may be. You can host town halls, provide leadership updates and training sessions, or even put on a full conference or trade show. Whatever your needs may be, Swift helps you to host better meetings and better online experiences. Read our FAQ and try it for yourself!



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