5 Corporate Event Ideas to Try in 2022


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If you’re involved with event planning in any capacity, you know just how hard it can be to keep things new and exciting. Keeping your audience engaged and excited is always a challenge, but that being said, there are all kinds of tools and strategies to help you run better, more engaging events. Today, we’re going to share five of those event ideas with you today for you to try in 2022. 

5 Event Ideas to try in 2022

Show and tell events

These events are fun and interactive in their very nature. Just like you did when you were in kindergarten, you’ll bring an object or idea to share with your audience. 

A more “grown-up” version of this event idea involves sharing an object, idea, product, etc. with your audience. Then, you’ll tell them all about it before giving them the chance to ask you questions about it.

It’s incredibly important to schedule Q&A time into these events. 

Learn more about running Q&A sessions with the help of Swift Polling here.

Team building events

It’s always a good time to dedicate some resources toward team building. In fact, why not make a whole event out of it?

There are several ways to do this, including reserving a day just for specific team building activities. That could mean attending team building workshops, learning a new skill together, or taking a “field trip” somewhere new.

But you can also conduct events of your own with the specific purpose of team building. During these events, you can create breakout groups for different team members to interact and get to know one another better. 

Employee awards

The same way it’s always a good time for team building, it’s also always a good time for employee recognition! And what better way to do that than with an employee awards event? 

Even if you can dedicate an hour on a Friday to conducting employee awards, this can go a long way for motivating employees and keeping them engaged in the workplace. 

You might even consider using word clouds to determine the winners of certain awards.

For example, you can ask everyone to submit the name of a fellow employee who went above and beyond in the past month. The employee whose name is submitted the most is the winner! Then, that employee’s name will show up as the biggest and boldest on the word cloud. 

(Learn all about creating live word clouds with Swift Polling here)

Charity events

You don’t need a reason to give back, but when you can combine your charitable efforts with event ideas, it’s a win-win!

Get your entire team involved in giving back by conducting a charity event for an organization your company supports. You can choose to make participation optional, but you’ll often find employees are incredibly eager to take part!

During these charitable events, your employees have the chance to participate in giving back. But it also provides additional opportunities for team building and morale boosting, which are always important. 

Just for fun

Who says you need to be celebrating a specific “event” to host an event for your team? Instead, consider hosting a “just for fun” event for team members and maybe even their families. These are similar to employee appreciation or recognition events, but they’re meant to be more casual and even more fun. 

There are all kinds of directions you can take these events.

For example:

  • Hosting a dinner at a new restaurant in town
  • Booking a comedian or another fun speaker to present at the office
  • Schedule an interactive event for your team members to take part in

What About Virtual Event Ideas?

We didn’t forget about you, virtual teams! Things like team building and employee recognition are just as important for remote teams.

Here are some virtual event ideas you might consider trying in 2022:

  • Host a virtual trivia game with your team members
  • Conduct a virtual “cocktail hour” where employees can chat virtually and get to know one another
  • Hire a virtual event speaker to motivate, entertain, or inform your remote team

Chances are, your audience takes part in their fair share of virtual events. But with Swift, you can make yours stand out from the crowd. With Swift virtual events we give you the full capability of maximizing audience engagement and the presentation tools you would have in front of a room of people, virtually.

 Learn more about our solutions for virtual events here and start putting these virtual event ideas to use!

Did you enjoy reading about these virtual event ideas?

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