5 Interactive Presentation Tips

5 interactive presentation tips, because let’s face it; we all are getting bored during presentations.

After 10 minutes, some of us start to check our social networks’ news feeds or emails. They are simple to start daydreaming. Making an interactive presentation is a win-win situation for both the speaker and the audience.

However, it is up to the speaker to make the presentation engaging. Here are some interactive presentation tips that will help you achieve a successful presentation.

1. Break the ice

First of all, you have to keep in mind that everyone, who is coming to your presentation is a different person with his/her mood. Some of them had a good day and they are in a good mood. Some might have had a bad day and they are more stressed out. An icebreaker helps make everyone more enthusiastic about your presentation.
There are many different options for breaking the ice and Swift Polling will help you with that. The simplest ice break is to ask your audience questions that may or may not be connected to the topic of the presentation.
For example, you can start by asking a simple question with Swift Polling, such as “What is your mood?” and show the answer with a word cloud. An aesthetically pleasing visual will set the tone of your presentation.
Word cloud
Another very fun ice-break game is “Two Truths and One Lie”. All you have to do is to tell three facts about yourself and ask them to guess which one of them is not true. Again, you can create a poll for that and set the correct answer. Depending on the situation, you will have to choose the approach that will suit the best. This step will show your audience that you want the format of the presentation to be interactive.

2. Storytelling

The second one for our interactive presentation tips is storytelling. We all love a good story. Storytelling is the classic form of public speaking. Good storytellers have always been in the center of attention. A good story keeps people interested. They are interested in learning what happened next.
In order to keep your listeners engaged, you have to develop your storytelling skills. That will make your presentation less formal and audience members will be inclined to ask questions and express their opinions.
interactive presentation tips

3. The top one of Interactive Presentation Tips – Ask Questions

The most important one of our interactive presentation tips is to ask questions to attendees during the presentation. As presenters, we believe that the audience should address their questions to us and not the other way around. However, this is the key to the interactive presentation. Asking your audience questions the most effective way to make it interactive. It is a sign that you want to interact with them.

Besides, as mentioned above, the attention span has shortened and is approximately 20 minutes. Even if they are interested in the beginning after some time they will switch their attention to something else. Asking them questions will be some sort of a break. Now they will have to speak and you should listen.

Here is how a polling software can help you with this. Instead of asking a question and waiting for people to raise their hands, you can run a poll so that everyone can participate. This approach will allow everyone to answer your questions because there will be no need to raise a hand and get a promotion to talk. In addition, even the shyest person in the audience will be able to participate.
Make It Interactive

interactive presentation

4. Let Them Speak

Apart from your questions, it is also important to allow the audience to ask their questions. Usually, we leave questions to the very end of the event for a Q&A session. However, this way we actually decrease the level of the interaction. It is much better to allow the audience to ask their questions during the presentation itself.
Of course, none of us likes being interrupted in the middle of the presentation, especially if you are stressed out. In addition, some of us do not want to ask questions, in order not to draw attention to ourselves.
Moreover, attendees would like to make some comments during the presentation. Comments are actually great. It is a sign that your audience is interested and is not falling asleep. That is why it is critical to address them.
However, there is a solution to this problem. A text polling software for events is very helpful here. You can create an open-ended questions poll so that people can text their questions during your presentation and you can address them.

5. Share the Glory

Last but not least, if there is a possibility to share a stage with someone. A little change such as a change of speak can help a lot to keep the audience attention.
In addition, it is a good opportunity to bring diverse points of view and generate a discussion. Even if you would like to leave a Q&A to the end, with multiple speakers and Swift Polling, you have an opportunity to navigate it.
With polling, a person can ask a question to a specific speaker. Moreover, as a speaker, it is better for you to know that there is someone performing with you. So you will be less stressed out.

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