All About Online Group Chat Rooms For Gamers


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Chances are, even if you’re not a gamer yourself, you know an avid gamer who spends a good chunk of their time playing at least one game. For many gamers, it isn’t just the element of playing the game that’s so appealing. There’s a huge social component that can come with being a gamer and that’s a huge draw for many people.

Gamers all over the world can interact while they play or even meet in group chat rooms to discuss their favorite games, tips for playing, and just general socializing. Today, we’re going to explore the exciting world of virtual group chat rooms for gamers.

The Gaming Industry

Before we get into the social aspect of online gaming, let’s talk more about the gaming industry itself.

Just take a look at some of these statistics from to get an idea of how big the industry really is:

  • Revenue in the Online Games segment is projected to reach US$23,582m in 2021.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 7.36%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$31,328m by 2025.
  • User penetration will be 14.6% in 2021 and is expected to hit 16.4% by 2025.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$21.49.
  • In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in China (US$5,599m in 2021).

Among the leaders in the industry are games like Minecraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Grand Theft Auto. However, new games are constantly being introduced and there is a market for virtually every type of game.

It’s no wonder that a hobby like online gaming has such an important social component that goes along with it. After all, if you’re spending hours a day or a week on something, you’re bound to want to talk about it with people who have the same interest!

That’s why virtual group chat rooms for gamers are also growing in popularity. While some games have built-in chat features, there are also virtual group chat rooms on separate platforms where players can connect. That way, even if you aren’t playing against someone, you can still connect with fellow gamers.

The Benefits of Virtual Group Chat Rooms for Gamers

The ability to connect with anyone from anywhere at any time is just one of the benefits of group chat rooms for gamers.

Here are some of the others:

  • Sharing tips and resources
  • Connecting with people who share similar interests
  • Exploring other interests and discovering what else you have in common with players

Not to mention, socializing in general has a lot of mental health benefits that can’t be overlooked. From improved mood, better concentration and memory, and even physical benefits like potentially lowering blood pressure.

(Click here to read about other benefits of online chat rooms you might not have considered!)

Staying Safe in Online Chat Rooms

As with any online chat room, it’s worth discussing safety tips for using online chat rooms for gamers. This might not be fun stuff to think about, but safety is your top priority when it comes to using online chat rooms.

No matter what kind of online chat room you’re using, here are some tips for doing so safely.

  • Never give out personal information (this includes your address, last name, birth date, etc)
  • Think before accepting private messaging invitations that aren’t part of the group chat
  • If the group has a moderator, report offensive or inappropriate messages right away
  • Never hesitate to log out, block a chat member, or report them
  • If you’re using a group chat room for work, it makes sense to use your real name. But when it comes to online chat rooms for gamers, sticking to a nickname is best.
  • Take screenshots, export, or save copies of your chats if you might need to use them later

Meeting in Person? Read this First

When you come across a fellow gamer in a chat room who lives nearby, you might be tempted to meet up with them to discuss your shared interests in person. As you can imagine, an online chat room for gamers is a much safer option to stick to than in-person meetings.

But if you do decide to meet up with someone from an online chat room, these are some of the safety protocols to adhere to.

  • Meet in a public place (many people even choose to meet in police station parking lots). Never meet at your own home or a private location.
  • Make sure you tell at least one family member or friend who you are meeting and where, along with any other information you have.
  • Consider bringing a trusted family member or friend with you.
  • Do not bring valuable personal items with you (except your phone).
  • Keep your phone with you and turned on at all times.

Creating Online Chat Rooms for Gamers and Beyond

No matter what kind of chat room you want to create, Swift Chat by ExciteM is the way to do it. From gaming chat rooms to workplace chats and beyond, it has all of the tools and customization options you could dream of.

Click here to schedule a live demo and see what Swift Chat can do for you today!


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