Are You Making These Rebranding Mistakes?


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Rebranding, in and of itself, is usually a good thing. For many brands, it’s long overdue and it’s a welcome change for their customers and employees. The problem is, rebranding isn’t always done right. There are plenty of common rebranding mistakes even the best businesses make. 

Common Rebranding Mistakes

They include: 

  • Failing to use branding surveys or conduct research 
  • Not thinking beyond the visual elements of the brand
  • Lacking originality
  • Losing trust with their customer base
  • Not thinking about the long-term consequences of their rebrand

Are You Making these Rebranding Mistakes?

But today, we’re going to tell you exactly what those are so you can avoid them with your own brand!

Not Using Branding Surveys

Whether you’re building a new brand or pivoting with your current brand, a branding survey can be a game changer in your success. If you’re hoping to rebrand without the powerful data you collect from branding surveys, you’re giving yourself a major disadvantage. 

In this post, we break down how to build your brand (or rebrand) using branding surveys, including using these questions in your surveys:

  • List the words you would use to describe “Brand Name”
  • How do you feel about this brand?
  • Have you purchased from this brand before?
  • Rate the likelihood you would recommend this brand to a friend, family member, or colleague

Stopping at Your Logo

One of the most common rebranding mistakes we see is updating your visual branding (including your logo) and calling it a day. The truth is, branding goes far beyond just the visual elements of your brand. So, while updating your graphics and logos can be part of the rebranding process, don’t let it be the only one. 

Rebranding also needs to include rebranding your message. Your marketing. What makes your brand tick? Don’t make the rebranding mistake of forgetting to go far deeper than your company colors!

Not Being Original

When you’re rebranding, it can be helpful to look at what your competitors are doing. Then, you might use that information for your own rebranding efforts. While a certain level of inspiration can be helpful, too many brands end up copying what they see rather than paving their own way!

Of course, if one brand is successful with their rebranding efforts, it’s tempting to do what they do and hope the results are the same for our business. But this is almost always a mistake. 

So, don’t just jump onto the latest design trends and do exactly what other brands do. Pave your own way and you’ll be glad you did!

Failing to Conduct Research

We have already talked about the use of branding surveys when you are rebranding and how helpful this data is. But these aren’t the only surveys you should be conducting! It’s important to stay up to date about your industry, your customers, your offerings, and everything in between. In fact, most brands should be running surveys on a regular basis.

A general customer satisfaction can go a long way in providing you with the data you need to move forward in a positive direction. So don’t save your surveys just for when you’re rebranding! Instead, put them to use while you’re running your business no matter which stage you’re in. 

(Want to dive deeper into the world of survey research? Take a look at this post next for everything you need to know about Likert Scale surveys)

Losing Trust with Your Customer Base

Before you begin rebranding, it’s incredibly important to keep in mind what it is your customers expect from you (this is, again, why you need to conduct branding surveys!). You need to know why they trust you over other brands. Is it because your products are always high quality? Because your prices never go up? Whatever it may be, don’t lose sight of the reasons your customers or clients trust you. 

When you’re rebranding, look for a way to maintain those elements or you risk losing trust (and ultimately, business). In fact, you can even incorporate those elements into your new brand to help you reach even more people and grow your business. If your current customers love how quickly your customer service team responds and how friendly they are? Find a way to make this a more obvious component of your brand and it will attract even more business. 

No Long-Term Plans

Finally, one of the most common and also the most serious rebranding mistakes you can make is not thinking about the long-term vision for your brand. Sure, you can rebrand based on what’s popular, selling, or trendy right now. But where does that leave you in a year from now? Five years? Ten years? Think it through!

When it comes to rebranding, you need to be very clear about why you’re rebranding in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a brand that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. 




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