Jul 05. 2019

Live Audience Polling with the UK and Canadian Phone Numbers

In this era of interactive communication, analyses of public opinion have become more valuable and at the same time, more challenging to achieve. The digital age provides different ways to gather information and accurately analyze data. Different text to vote and live audience polling can help you to make the audience survey an easy process. Read more…


Jul 02. 2019

Case Study about New Teaching Strategies for Unified Classroom at the AUA

The educational system experiences new challenges. Edu tech devices provide new teaching strategies that proved to be efficient in unified classroom activities.

Modern school curriculum adopts strategies for successful implementation of technologies in classrooms. An interest in technology drives this technological interest in the job market and labor. It is widely accepted that tech devices provide quality at scale. Read more…


Jul 02. 2019

Why Use Swift Polling for Millennial Classroom Management

The millennial classroom management requires more flexible approach to studying. It requires not only constant involvement of teachers in the development of the curriculum but also active student participation. That is why it is necessary to update curriculum regularly and define the existing and possible challenges in the educational system. This development will help to modify newly emerged teaching methods and accommodate these new studying practices. Read more…


Jun 21. 2019

How to Use Polling Software for Gyms

Nowadays, many gyms want to provide more to their members by organizing info sessions, seminars, conferences, workshops and similar events on a variety of subjects.

To organize an event that is the right fit for your community takes time and effort. One of the important factors you need to keep in mind in order to ensure success is to identify the participants’ expectations and needs. Applying a polling software for gyms is the most convenient way to do that. Read more…


Jun 04. 2019

6 Innovative Technologies to Organize your Destination Wedding

Nowadays almost every couple wants to have a unique, super personalized and memorable wedding ceremony. In this digital era, you can find many creative and trendy ideas to organize such a destination wedding. Innovative technologies enable couples and event organizers to infuse tech elements into wedding programs which make the ceremonies far beyond what is traditional and expected. Read more…


May 24. 2019

How Do I Create a Poll in PowerPoint with Swift Polling?

Swift Polling is an audience polling system which allows to create polls, conduct research and gather feedback fast and easy.

With advanced presentation tools the platform enables its users to display the voting results in real time within any browser or integrate a poll in powerpoint presentation. Read more…


May 02. 2019

6 Tips to Run Successful Video Contests

There are many kinds of video contests, but one thing is obvious: Video isn’t the future anymore, it’s now. The channels for video contests — from TV to social — are also varied. Read more…


Apr 08. 2019

Case Study: How to Make Audience Engagement Real

Ensuring audience engagement during conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events is really challenging and requires thoughtful planning.

But it is possible: The following case study shows a successful example of audience engagement during a session organized by marketing guru Roman Daneghyan. Read more…


Apr 08. 2019

How to Make Your Employees Love Offsite Meetings

To make an employee love offsite meetings requires careful planning and thoughtful facilitation that emphasizes the human factor.

Out-of-site meetings are aimed to bring employees together “out of home” and talk about the company’s strategy, goals and tactics. Read more…


Mar 15. 2019

How Healthcare Organizations can Maximize the Value of their Events

From medical conferences to seminars to staff meetings, it’s essential that healthcare organizations make their events as effective as possible.

Some new techniques can maximize the value of the event both for the healthcare organization and the participants. These tips will help engage the attendees and take your event to the next level. Read more…