Jun 19. 2020

Effective Employee Q&A Sessions: How to Get Better Feedback

As we navigate remote work trends and other changes to how business is conducted, getting feedback from your employees is an invaluable resource. Your employees tend to have a front-row view in your organization. They can be the first to spot potential problems, obvious issues, and opportunities to improve. But what’s the best way to get this kind of feedback from your employees? Q&A sessions!

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Jun 18. 2020

SWIFT Polling Newsletter - 15.06.2020

Welcome To The New Swift!

At Swift, our goal has always been to provide you with the tools and resources to effectively engage, interact and excite your audience.

To better serve the needs of our diverse customers, we have released a massive upgrade to the Swift platform.

– Redoing our entire user dashboard

– Optimizing our user experience

– Delivering a ton of new features

– An all-in-one remote events solution (registration, video, audience engagement, etc.)

To make your job as a presenter, marketer or event co-ordinator that much easier. Take a look at what we’ve just released!

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Jun 15. 2020

Managing Remote Teams: Our Top Tips for Success

Remote work isn’t just a trend right now — for many of us, it’s a necessity. And if you’re tasked with managing remote teams, you’re likely familiar with the particular challenges that come along with it. Read more…