Apr 01. 2018

The meeting management guide: 21st century skills

The meetings can be short or long, boring or interactive, well-managed or badly organized. The only thing that is important is their efficiency. Read more…


Mar 26. 2018

The right to choose or the right choice: intro to organizational politics

In organizational politics, it is important to empower employees by giving them the right to choose.

Employees have a right to engage in work and to pursue a freely chosen or accepted occupation. But as the world changes, employees’ reactions to organizational politics have become different and they often want to be engaged in the decision-making process for their company. Read more…


Mar 22. 2018

How to Create Your Own HQ Live Show?

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering around their phones every day to play a revolutionary new game called HQ Trivia, in which users play trivia for real money.

Read more…


Mar 16. 2018

Spark your talent shows with Swift Polling

A talent show is a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills by performing talents of singing, dancing, acting or playing an instrument. Read more…