Apr 08. 2019

Case Study: How to Make Audience Engagement Real

Engaging audience members during conferences, workshops, seminars and other events is really challenging and requires thoughtful planning.

But it is possible: The following case study shows a successful example of audience engagement during a session organized by marketing guru Roman Daneghyan. Read more…


Apr 08. 2019

How to Make Your Employees Love Offsite Meetings

To make an employee love offsite meetings requires careful planning and thoughtful facilitation that emphasizes the human factor.

Out-of-site meetings are aimed to bring employees together “out of home” and talk about the company’s strategy, goals and tactics. Read more…


Mar 15. 2019

How healthcare organizations can maximize the value of their events

From medical conferences to seminars to staff meetings, it’s essential that healthcare organizations make their events as effective as possible.

Some new techniques can maximize the value of the event both for the healthcare organization and the participants. These tips will help engage the attendees and take your event to the next level. Read more…


Mar 05. 2019

The Art of Organizing a Top-Notch Panel Discussion

Before presenting the art of organizing a top-notch panel discussion, let me remind the essence of panel sessions: they are an exchange of ideas among group of experts in front of the audience. A panel can be held around political, academic topics, may concern community issues and more. Read more…


Feb 26. 2019

33 questions to spark creative thinking during team meetings

Companies usually hold meetings several times a week. But managers can be blind to how crucial those meetings are for their employees. They often don’t manage to maximize the value for both parties.

The sad reality is that managers spend a lot of time and money to Read more…


Dec 12. 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Audience Engagement

Effective audience engagement is a vital part of any conference, seminar, workshop, or meeting.
Presenters very often don’t pay enough attention to the techniques of audience engagement. Some of them think that just presenting the information that they compiled long before the event can be enough. But in that case, the whole event becomes just a waste of time, as an engaged and satisfied audience is a KPI of a successful meeting. Read more…


Jul 04. 2018

7 interactive presentation games to amplify your event

Gamification is a buzzword nowadays, but how can we make use of it in real-life settings such as event planning, giving a presentation or organizing a meeting session? Read more…


Jun 18. 2018

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged During Conferences

Keeping audience attention is more important and sometimes more difficult than grabbing audience attention. People come to a conference expecting to see and hear interesting things, and when they do not get the value they expect, the overall interest and participation falls drastically.
Here are 5 essential methods which will help you stay connected with your audience during a conference.
Read more…


Jun 02. 2018

How to organize efficient and smooth Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions play a vital role in every event. But if you don’t plan properly, it can be difficult to make them smooth and efficient. There are certain tips that can make your Q&A session the highlight of your event. Follow these to make sure you’ll have a memorable and successful session.

Read more…


Apr 30. 2018

Life With and Without Live Polling

People who use live polling apps know that it makes our lives easier. Real-time polling is the new essential tool, helping us to have better communication, engaged audiences and interactive meetings in many situations including classrooms, corporate events, team meetings and conferences. Read more…