Dec 12. 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Audience Engagement

Effective audience engagement is a vital part of any conference, seminar, workshop, or meeting.
Presenters very often don’t pay enough attention to the techniques of audience engagement. Some of them think that just presenting the information that they compiled long before the event can be enough. But in that case, the whole event becomes just a waste of time, as an engaged and satisfied audience is a KPI of a successful meeting. Read more…


Oct 29. 2018

5 Destructive Things About Business Meetings and How to Solve Them

“I REALLY love business meetings!” — said no employee, ever. Read more…


Jun 18. 2018

7 Tips to Boost Organizational Citizenship

A strong company culture based on core values and principles shared between all employees is crucial to business success. Companies that put their teams first and foster a spirit of inclusiveness are rewarded with increased employee loyalty, employee satisfaction and low turnover rates.

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Jun 02. 2018

How to organize efficient and smooth Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions play a vital role in every event. But if you don’t plan properly, it can be difficult to make them smooth and efficient. There are certain tips that can make your Q&A session the highlight of your event. Follow these to make sure you’ll have a memorable and successful session.

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May 22. 2018

Expert ideas for your employee motivation and engagement strategy

Employee motivation and engagement are essential for any organization. Engaged employees are happy, productive and loyal.

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Apr 30. 2018

Life With and Without Live Polling

People who use live polling apps know that it makes our lives easier. Real-time polling is the new essential tool, helping us to have better communication, engaged audiences and interactive meetings in many situations including classrooms, corporate events, team meetings and conferences. Read more…


Apr 19. 2018

4 Ways to Crowdsource Ideas at Work

In the 21st century, we have easy access to everything on the Internet – created content, records, work flows and customer files. However, we each have our own base of knowledge extracted from that content. Read more…


Apr 11. 2018

3 Tips to Enhance Emotional Intelligence at Work

Recently, we have heard a lot about a soft skill called emotional intelligence or EQ. But few people really understand what it is. In short, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage both our emotions and the emotions of people surrounding us.
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Apr 02. 2018

4 tools to be a great leader

Leadership is a lifestyle. If you want to have an amazing culture in your organization or team, then you need to choose what kind of leader you want to be.

There are hundreds of books and articles explaining the different types of leadership. Though you can find more than 12 leadership styles, below are the 3 main types of leadership: Read more…


Apr 01. 2018

The meeting management guide: 21st century skills

The meetings can be short or long, boring or interactive, well-managed or badly organized. The only thing that is important is their efficiency. Read more…