Jun 21. 2019

How to Use Polling Software for Gyms

Nowadays, many gyms want to provide more to their members by organizing info sessions, seminars, conferences, workshops and similar events on a variety of subjects.

To organize an event that is the right fit for your community takes time and effort. One of the important factors you need to keep in mind in order to ensure success is to identify the participants’ expectations and needs. Applying a polling software for gyms is the most convenient way to do that. Read more…


Jun 11. 2019

How can Pets Photo Contests Benefit form Swift Polling?

We love our pets. Moreover, we all have posted a cute pet photo on social media at least once. There are a lot of dogs or cats photos on the web. We want everyone to see how adorable they are. Read more…


Jun 04. 2019

6 Innovative Technologies to Organize your Destination Wedding

Nowadays almost every couple wants to have a unique, super personalized and memorable wedding ceremony. In this digital era, you can find many creative and trendy ideas to organize such a destination wedding. Innovative technologies enable couples and event organizers to infuse tech elements into wedding programs which make the ceremonies far beyond what is traditional and expected. Read more…


May 31. 2019

How to Use Interactive Polls for Fashion Show Auction

Fashion show auction has been part of the fashion industry and runway fashion shows for a very long time. It’s time to spice up this traditional event with some technology. Read more…


Feb 07. 2019

How to Make Galentine’s Day 2019 the Best Day of the Year

Galentine’s Day is one of the most recognized fake holidays that has been unofficially added to girls’ calendars. It’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of going to a romantic date with your significant other, you spend the whole day with your girls, and give them endless attention and affection. Read more…


Dec 14. 2018

6 Tips to Spark your Christmas Competitions

We all need icebreakers and fun games to make our Christmas celebrations interesting and memorable. They help everyone have a great experience and keep the atmosphere warm for the whole party. Read more…


Mar 22. 2018

How to Create Your Own HQ Live Show?

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering around their phones every day to play a revolutionary new game called HQ Trivia, in which users play trivia for real money.

Read more…


Mar 16. 2018

Spark your Talent Shows and Contests with Swift Polling

A talent show is a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills by performing talents of singing, dancing, acting or playing an instrument. Read more…


Mar 11. 2018

Case Study: How to Engage Your Visitors during Trade Shows

Companies spend enormous amounts of time and effort to create and deliver the most relevant, interesting and captivating content at trade shows. Despite this, one question is still very difficult to answer – are your visitors actually paying attention?

Read more…


Dec 25. 2017

3 Types of “Quiz” Questions You can Ask Your Audience Using Real-time Polling

Many of us face the problem of keeping the audience engaged during our presentations from time to time. People usually get distracted after the first 5 minutes and start using their phones to check emails or read news on social media. Read more…