Jun 21. 2019

5 Interactive Presentation Tips

5 interactive presentation tips, because let’s face it; we all are getting bored during presentations. Read more…


May 24. 2019

How Do I Create a Poll in PowerPoint with Swift Polling?

Swift Polling is an audience polling system which allows to create polls, conduct research and gather feedback fast and easy.

With advanced presentation tools the platform enables its users to display the voting results in real time within any browser or integrate a poll in powerpoint presentation. Read more…


Dec 20. 2018

Top Tips to Become a Pro at PowerPoint Polling

It takes real effort to create a PowerPoint presentation that is outstanding and represents something unique for your audience. Happily, we have a great solution for you: Read more…


Jun 18. 2018

5 PowerPoint Integrations that will Make your Presentation Stand out

It takes experience and good taste to design a beautiful and informative presentation in PowerPoint, but it takes real effort and creativity to make your presentation stand out of the “typical” and “usual” (read – boring).

Use the approaches and techniques outlined in this article to engage and interact with your audience during your presentation.

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Apr 06. 2018

4 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

You are standing on a stage in front of a large audience. Your hands are shaking, your voice is not confident and you are forgetting your lines. After skipping several lines from your speech, now you worry about what the people in front of you are thinking. This makes you more nervous. The fear of failure decreases your level of confidence every second. The only thing you want right now is to finish your speech as soon as possible and go home.

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Jan 18. 2018

7 Interactive Games for Your Presentation

People almost always struggle with organizing their presentations in a way that will be engaging and informative at the same time. The audience usually gets easily distracted or bored. Let’s admit it, we get very nervous when presenting in front of an audience. Here is what we want to avoid:

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Jan 14. 2018

4 Advantages that Real-time Text Polling Adds to Your Presentation

If you want your presentation to stand out, you need to add something unique and memorable to it. Your goal has to be not only differentiating your presentation from the others, but also to add interactivity and engagement.

So how do you face this dilemma?

Here are four benefits that real-time polls can bring to your presentation and make it stand out.

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Jan 11. 2018

5 Techniques to Make Your Super Long Presentation Seem Like a Breeze

Sometimes speakers have to make long presentations, whether the time is needed to go in-depth on a complex topic or because the event organizers have a lengthy time slot. Neither reason guarantees that the audience will be as committed as the speaker. Read more…


Jul 11. 2017

PowerPoint Tips to Make Your Presentations More Professional and Engaging

PowerPoint has long been a primary tool to use for presentations during various events and conferences.

We have shortlisted a set of approaches to adopt when creating a PowerPoint presentation, which will make your slides professional and impressive. Have you slides work for you with these tips.

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