Jun 18. 2018

5 PowerPoint integrations that will make your presentation stand out

It takes experience and good taste to design a beautiful and informative presentation in PowerPoint, but it takes real effort and creativity to make your presentation stand out of the “typical” and “usual” (read – boring).

Use the approaches and techniques outlined in this article to engage and interact with your audience during your presentation.

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Jan 11. 2018

5 techniques to make your super long presentation seem like a breeze

Sometimes speakers have to make long presentations, whether the time is needed to go in-depth on a complex topic or because the event organizers have a lengthy time slot. Neither reason guarantees that the audience will be as committed as the speaker. Read more…


Jul 11. 2017

5 PowerPoint tips that will make your presentation professional

PowerPoint has long been a primary tool to use for presentations during various events and conferences.

We have shortlisted a set of approaches to adopt when creating a PowerPoint presentation, which will make your slides professional and impressive. Have you slides work for you with these tips.

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