Jul 18. 2019

How to Create Word Cloud with Live Polling App

Word clouds are the attractive and informative display variation of the open text. They allow you to identify the words, which are more frequently sent as a response. These words are shown larger and bolder.

In this article, you will learn how to create word cloud fast and easy with the help of the user-friendly word cloud generator, Swift Polling. Also,l you will discover creative uses of word cloud questions in different activities. Read more…


Jul 05. 2019

Live Audience Polling with the UK and Canadian Phone Numbers

In this era of interactive communication, analyses of public opinion have become more valuable and at the same time, more challenging to achieve. The digital age provides different ways to gather information and accurately analyze data. Different text to vote and live audience polling can help you to make the audience survey an easy process. Read more…


Nov 30. 2018

Swift Polling Now Supports UK Phone Numbers

Swift Polling is already in Great Britain. Create text and web polls with UK phone numbers and excite your audience. Don’t forget about open-ended questions and wordclouds to spark your Q&A sessions. Read more…


May 31. 2018

New! Run real-time text polls with UK and Canadian phone numbers

You asked, we delivered! UK and Canadian phone numbers are available for our users. Read more…


May 07. 2018

Showcase your Live Polling Results with a New Presentation Page

Swift polling by ExciteM just redesigned the poll presentation page. Now you can display your web and text poll results from a customized page with more themes, features and design options. Read more…


Jan 14. 2018

ExciteM: Origins and History

ExciteM, a leader in interactive reserach and audience engagement, began as a way to help a college student wake up for his exams.

Brothers Belal and Baker Hummadi dreamed up the original idea over breakfast in 2011 as a way to help Baker, then a college student, to get out of bed. The concept of was for an automated calling system that would only stop making calls when the sleepyhead entered a specific code in the phone. Read more…


Jan 02. 2018

How to Get More Done with Swift Polling’s Productivity Tools

We use various tools to help us overcome obstacles and be more productive in our daily lives and at work. Productivity is key to get more done in less time and with less effort. At Swift, we have always been dedicated to not just solve a major problem our users face, such as audience engagement and participation in different settings, but also ensure that the solution is easy and effortless to use.

In this article we summarized 4 productivity features that save time for our users and make working with Swift enjoyably fast.

Read more…


Dec 27. 2017

Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Are Received by ExciteM

ExciteM is proud to share with its users, that Swift Polling has received two awards: the Rising Star 2017 as a successful startup and the Great User Experience 2017 as a platform providing good user experience by FinancesOnline.  Read more…