May 02. 2019

6 Tips to Run Successful Video Contests

There are many kinds of video contests, but one thing is obvious: Video isn’t the future anymore, it’s now. The channels for video contests — from TV to social — are also varied. Read more…


Oct 29. 2018

5 Destructive Things About Business Meetings and How to Solve Them

“I REALLY love business meetings!” — said no employee, ever. Read more…


Jan 05. 2018

4 new manager icebreaker tips for integration & effective teamwork

Every single thing on this planet has a lifecycle: food perishes, clothes wear out, businesses mature and people age. Teams at a workplace have a lifespan too. Each team goes through four stages of development:

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Jan 02. 2018

How to get more done with Swift Polling’s productivity tools

We use various tools to help us overcome obstacles and be more productive in our daily lives and at work. Productivity is key to get more done in less time and with less effort. At Swift, we have always been dedicated to not just solve a major problem our users face, such as audience engagement and participation in different settings, but also ensure that the solution is easy and effortless to use.

In this article we summarized 4 productivity features that save time for our users and make working with Swift enjoyably fast.

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Dec 30. 2017

3 trending survey tools that excite

Market Research is an essential part of any business operations! It is the best way to find out who your customers are, what is wrong with your business and what are your competitive advantages. Read more…


Oct 22. 2017

6 Tips to Overcome Boring Presentations

Have you ever imagined yourself standing on the stage after all the long nights of preparations and presenting your work to the audience? Then suddenly, when you have not finished your speech, rotten tomatoes are being thrown at you. People start leaving your event in disappointment and you fall into deep despair without any clue why all of that happened. You have put so much effort into getting your presentation ready. What could have gone wrong? The smell of boring presentations! Read more…