Dec 14. 2018

6 tips to spark your Christmas competitions

We all need icebreakers and fun games to make our Christmas celebrations interesting and memorable. They help everyone have a great experience and keep the atmosphere warm for the whole party. Read more…


Dec 06. 2018

How to Motivate Your Employees at Work

Here’s the situation: You’ve hired people with the required backgrounds and proven track records of success. Read more…


Nov 30. 2018

Swift Polling Now Supports UK Phone Numbers

Swift Polling is already in Great Britain. Create text and web polls with UK phone numbers and excite your audience. Don’t forget about open-ended questions and wordclouds to spark your Q&A sessions. Read more…


Nov 20. 2018

5 Killer Brainstorming Techniques for Your Meetings

We often find ourselves in situations where we are out of ideas and we need more minds to find a solution or to help us with a new fresh approach. Read more…


Nov 12. 2018

Teaching strategies for higher education

Whether new or experienced, teachers get to deal with students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. Read more…


Oct 29. 2018

5 Destructive Things About Business Meetings and How to Solve Them

“I REALLY love business meetings!” — said no employee, ever. Read more…


Apr 08. 2018

How to create more influential polls: Simple steps to success

After failing to make a purchase at your desired price or getting a promotion that you clearly deserve, you stop for a minute and think to yourself: Only if I was a little more influential and persuasive. Well, you are in luck, because in this article I would be talking about three simple principles that would make you more influential and raise your success rate. Read more…


Apr 03. 2018

6 Tips to create content that can go viral

We all remember when South Korean singer Psy shook the internet with his song “Gangnam Style.” I remember thinking to myself: How can something with such a dumb and meaningless content go viral? Read more…


Mar 22. 2018

How to Create Your Own HQ Live Show?

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering around their phones every day to play a revolutionary new game called HQ Trivia, in which users play trivia for real money.

Read more…