Create an Engaging Hybrid Employee Training Session with These 7 Tips


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Your employees need to be trained. Whether it be on new company software or getting instruction on a new project.

Gathering employees for training used to be a matter of setting a meeting time in a boardroom and showing up at the designated time. Now our world has changed and employees could be working from home or from anywhere in the world. This makes hybrid employee training something that many of us need to adapt to.

Regardless of where your employees are or how they are trained, your training sessions need to be engaging in order to be effective. So how can you create the most engaging hybrid employee training session possible? We’ve got you covered with these seven tips! 

Facilitate Live Feedback

In order to keep your employees engaged during your training session you should encourage them to participate. What better way to do that than getting their feedback? And even better yet – live from whatever location they may be joining from!

Asking for live feedback not only gets employees motivated, it allows you to see who may be having a more difficult time keeping up with the content you’re delivering. Audience feedback tools are fantastic for allowing you to collect feedback quickly and adjust your delivery in real time.

Utilize Quizzes

The great thing about quizzes is you can use them for tons of different purposes. Whether it’s to get everyone involved in an icebreaker or to test your employee’s knowledge. You might choose to include a virtual quiz at the very beginning of your training session to get a feel for where everyone’s knowledge is currently at.

It could be used at the end to ask questions on what you just discussed. You could even take it to the next level and offer prizes for those who get your questions right!

Have Some Fun with a Raffle

Speaking prizes, a fantastic way to reward your employees for taking the time to participate in the training session is with a raffle. They are taking the time out of their day to join in after all.

Raffles are a great way to build excitement and engagement. Employees will feel more inclined to participate and pay attention when they know there’s something to get excited about. Plus a little competition never hurt anyone!

Host a Q&A Session

If you’re hosting a hybrid employee training session without an opportunity for Q&A time then you’re definitely missing out! Q&A sessions are essential in giving participants the chance to discuss concepts in more detail and create further connections.

Submitting questions should be easy for participants to do. You might even add the option to submit questions anonymously so no one feels hesitant to ask what’s on their mind. It can also be a good idea to collect questions throughout the training session and then answer them all in a single Q&A session.

Participants will love having the chance to be heard and have their questions answered!

Use Effective Brainstorming

Bringing brilliant minds together is an incredible way to explore ideas you might not have thought of individually. And just because your team is hybrid doesn’t mean you need to give your brainstorming sessions up!

Set time aside to allow your employees to voice their ideas and expand on each other’s. Be sure your meeting software allows you to have breakout rooms. This will allow your employees to have the chance to listen to each other’s ideas and get familiar with one another.

Provide an Exit Survey for More Feedback

Once you’ve wrapped up your hybrid employee training session, you’re going to want feedback in order to see what could have been done better. Exit surveys are a great way to gather employee feedback.

You can ask questions about anything from the flow of the training session to the content itself. Any input your employees provide can be used to make your next training session even better!

You might compile all of the feedback together into a report. This will allow you to see what areas you excelled in and which ones might have room for improvement.

Try Out Swift

Now you might be thinking about how you can use all of these tips for creating an engaging hybrid employee training session. Swift is the perfect platform to help you do just that! All in one, simple and easy to use place.

Swift offers Swift Events which is a virtual platform that allows you to customize your hybrid employee training sessions to your exact needs. You can host Q&As, provide quizzes to your employees, get their direct feedback no matter where they may be located, and so much more!

Next Steps to Success

When it comes to creating an effective hybrid employee training session you need to have the right technology on your side. You can try out these tips for yourself, or click here to learn more about how Swift Polling tools can lead to better engagement in your training sessions. 



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