How to create and present text polls with Swift Polling

Swift polling is the fastest way find out your audience is thinking. Create text polls and capture audience responses in real time. Make your events more fun and interactive.

Create and present SMS polls

Create a text poll

1. Enable the SMS feature on the bottom of your dashboard.

2. Go to the left side and select "Create Poll"

3. Type in the questions and add the response options; add more than two options by selecting "Add Option"

4. Launch the poll by using the corresponding button on the lower-right corner.

Collect SMS votes

1. Ask your audience to text their votes to your Swift phone number.

2. Tell them to send the option number, for example, text 1 for the first option.

3. Or send the option itself, such as "Red".

SMS polling features

Create multiple polls and navigate through them using arrows. "Stop" the current poll, move to another and press "Start" right from the presentation page.
With Swift you can customize how ofter people can participate for each question. You can set it up to one vote for poll, make it unlimited or customize the number of votes.
Add a custom text reply: This is a great opportunity for you to send a thank you message or highlight a sponsor. this is the message they will receive after voting.
Accept questions and open -ended feedback to the same number. The responses appear in the feedback section.
Enter full-screen mode from your presentation page.
Change the color of the background on the results page to light or dark.
Choose a bar chart or pie chart to present the results.


• Give your respondents 60 seconds to submit their text votes.

• Give your audience additional seconds to input the phone number before voting.

• Ask seven questions at most; we recommend only five.

• Simplify the response options of the poll so that your audience easily submits the votes.
Create an open-ended question and then enable your audience to send in answers.


Collect responses via SMS and demonstrate them using the presentation feature on our intuitive dashboard.
Provide real-time updated results from within your presentation and embark on a fully engaging conversation.

Engage your audience with top-notch presentations spiced up with real-time polls, surveys and Q&A sessions.

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