Expect to See these Modern Workplace Trends in 2022 and Beyond


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There’s no denying the modern workplace has changed from what it used to be. Many companies have had to make big transformations because of the pandemic. They’ve had to stay on top of workplace trends and ensure their businesses can continue to function and flourish.

If you’re someone who’s looking for an idea of what workplace trends are shaping up to be heading into 2022, you’re in the right place! Here’s some ideas many businesses are going to be using to improve efficiency and keep employees happy all at the same time.

A Focus on Employee Care

Employee care is something that’s always been important. But putting a particular focus on it is a workplace trend we’ll be seeing going into 2022.

Employee care means mental health and well-being are a top priority. This is especially true now because the pandemic took a toll on so many people’s mental health.

It’s incredibly important for employers to recognize their employee’s mental health priorities and respect their needs. They can do this by making adjustments to accommodate disabilities and be flexible when it comes to employee schedules and locations. Being accommodating and showing care can mean a lot for employee productivity and well-being.

A Workplace Culture That’s Positive

Hand in hand with mental health is the concept of a positive workplace culture. Employees need to be in a healthy work environment in order to properly perform. They’re a lot more likely to work hard and exceed the expectations of their job when they’re in a positive environment.

Not only does positivity help them feel motivated, it helps them feel comfortable and therefore more inclined to share ideas and collaborate. Projects get completed faster and at a higher quality. Your teams are also strengthened as they work together toward a common goal.

When your teams like working together they’re also more motivated to work hard.

The Option to Work Remotely

Working remotely became incredibly popular over the past couple of years. Even though many places are now allowed to come back to the office and work in person, offering the option to work remotely is still important.

Many company leaders are already offering the option to work from home and it’s a workplace trend that likely won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Employees appreciate the ability to be flexible with how they work and are likely to be more productive because of it.

To ensure work processes stay seamless, it’s essential to have the proper communication tools in place.

Making Use of Employee Chat Tools

Going off of the previous workplace trend, simple and efficient communication is another trend to take note of. The need for digitized work flows means your communication should also be digital. It should be easy for everyone to use.

Swift chat is an online chat room platform that works to enrich user experience with direct group and direct online group chat capabilities. You can customize your chat room exactly how you want it, easily move between chat rooms, get access to comprehensive admin capabilities, and so much more.

An online tool is the key to making sure employees can quickly ask questions and have important conversations.

Training and Upskilling Opportunities

In order to keep your employees happy and to help them continually grow, upskilling and training is essential. Not only that, it can be great for you as an employer. Why? Because instead of spending all your time finding the perfect person for a position, you can train your current employees to be able to take on roles they may not be as experienced in.

As employees take on new knowledge they stay more on top of technology and can do even better at their current position. Company morale is also sure to be at an all-time high.

Using Data to Make Decisions

We’ve all heard the saying “trust your gut”. But what about putting trust in the cold hard numbers?

Data doesn’t lie and it can be a huge asset when it comes to business decision making. It helps you as a business to stay ahead of the curve. You can make informed decisions rather than choosing a certain route and simply hoping for the best.

If you can capitalize off of data and it’s readily available to you, then it’s definitely something worth taking advantage of!

The Future of Your Business

The future of your business lies in the hands of the decisions you make now. Whether it’s one of the workplace trends listed above or something else that helps your business thrive, you’re going to want the right technology on your side.

If Swift Chat sounds like something you would like to try out, be sure to take advantage of our live demo! You can try out all the great features and capabilities it has to offer for yourself.



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