Here’s Why Live Events & Audience Polling are a Match Made in Heaven


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Live events are back! Okay, not entirely, but many places around the world are getting “back to normal,” and that means a return to live events. If this means you’re preparing to host your first live event or simply get back in the habit of it, this is one post you won’t want to miss. Today, we’re going to tell you why live events and audience polling are one combination you’ll wish you discovered long ago!

What is Audience Polling?

Before we dive into why this combination works so well together, let’s first cover what we mean by audience polling in the first place. Essentially, it’s a form of audience interaction that calls on audience members to share their opinions, votes, or answers via live polling. 


Whether your event is in fact live or if it’s taking place virtually, the beauty of audience polling is it works with both in-person and virtual audiences. 

For example, with Swift Polling, you can share your polls with audience members in a variety of ways. 

  • Embedded into a website
  • Attached to an email
  • Via SMS 
  • Have them visit and enter a designated event code
  • Within a PowerPoint presentation

Live Events & Audience Polling: A Match Made in Heaven

Now that you know more about audience polling and the different ways you can poll your audience with Swift, let’s talk about why it’s the perfect pair for live events!

Audience Engagement

During an event, keeping your audience engaged and excited is one of your biggest challenges. In fact, virtually any presenter or event host you talk to will admit they fear the look of boredom on their audience’s faces and they’ll do anything to avoid it.

But short of getting up on stage and juggling or performing a death-defying act, it can be hard to keep your audience focused throughout an entire live event. Especially if the nature of that live event isn’t particularly captivating to begin with. This just means it’s up to the hosts and presenters to make it as interesting and entertaining as possible.

And in order to keep your audience entertained and interested, they must also be engaged. But how can you engage tens, or potentially hundreds or even thousands of audience members at once? This is where audience polling comes in!

There is simply no better way to engage your audience—especially on a big scale—than with live polling. Whether you poll them specifically about a topic you’re discussing or choose a fun icebreaker to share with them, knowing their opinion and attention span is being requested helps engage them. 

Powerful Real-Time Data

On top of keeping your audience engaged, you’re giving yourself powerful data when you collect audience feedback in real-time. It’s simply not efficient to poll all of your audience members one by one with raised hands or counting votes on paper scraps. But with the help of live audience polling on computers or cellphones, you can instantly collect responses from audiences of all sizes.

Right before your eyes, results will start to appear on screen. Then, you can use this data to guide the course of your presentation. For example, you could poll your audience about which topics they’d like to cover next. Or you can quickly quiz them on a subject to gauge their understanding of it and decide if you need to go over it in greater detail.

This type of real-time data also has audience engagement benefits too. Certain online poll makers allow you to share results with your audience. That way, they can watch them come in live right alongside you. This is another excellent way to engage them in the content. While they watch these results come in, it can also spark conversation and further excitement among audience members. 

Interact with Your Audience

One of the best ways to engage an audience is by interacting with them. Sure, you can pick one or two audience members to call on during a presentation and they’re sure to remember an event. But what about all of the other audience members you can’t call on one by one? As it turns out, there are a number of audience polling tools that help you do exactly that!

A straightforward poll is one thing. But did you know other audience polling and engagement tools like Q&As, quizzes, and even trivia games are all possible too?

You don’t necessarily need to employ all of these tools. But if you’re looking for a place to start, we encourage you to implement a live poll and a virtual Q&A period during your next live event. Giving your audience the opportunity to share their opinions, ask or answer questions, and simply speak up and be heard is invaluable to you as a presenter. 

So, now that you know why audience polling and live events are a match made in heaven, what are you waiting for?

Start creating polls, Q&As, quizzes, and more for your next event today!

Click here to sign up for free. 



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