Industry Leaders Tell Us How They Use Live Polling (Part 1)


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It’s no secret we love live polling over here at Swift Polling headquarters. Whether we’re using it with our clients, our team, or helping other businesses and leaders set up their own live polls, we believe in the power of real-time polling. With instant feedback and reliable data, leaders are better able to make decisions that move their organization in the right direction.


What’s particularly unique about this audience engagement strategy is its versatility. The benefits of live polling apply to virtually every industry. Web or SMS polling data can help any business, any team, or any individual collect the information they need on the fly and also keep their audience or team members engaged at the same time.

To demonstrate the versatility of live polling, we recently spoke with leaders in a number of industries about how they use live polling. We want to know their best practices for using live polls, along with how they benefit their business.

Industry Leaders Share How They Use Live Polling

Here’s what we found out! 

First, we spoke to Austin Dowsy, the CEO of Aimvein, a b2b medical equipment supplier. He explains how they use live polling with both employees and customers:

“The best practice for using live polling with employees or customers is to hold live feedback sessions in PowerPoint. We use live polling with our employees or customers for collecting feedback during meetings. The polls are linked to specific slides in PowerPoint and we can use the responses to make decisions about what we do next.

It’s also a timesaving tool that can help to manage projects more efficiently. We recognize leading ideas, prioritize tasks, and identify bottlenecks with live polling.”

Next, Austin also explains how Aimvein utilizes this tool to develop and improve their products and offerings: 

We use it to gauge opinions and get feedback on different topics for new products. We also use it to create live polls that increase the interaction with our customers (i.e.: how would you like us to handle returning your product?). By offering the polls, we are able to gather data easily because it is all in one place.”

Polls in PowerPoint

We love everything about Austin’s approach to live polling in his organization. Now, we want to touch on one of his points in greater detail: polling in PowerPoint! Polls in PowerPoint is one of Swift Polling’s most popular and beloved features. 

Implementing a poll into your presentation allows you to connect with your audience using real-time polls, quizzes, and Q&As, all from within your PowerPoint! Your audience (whether it’s team members or customers) can vote in your polls just by texting a phone number or entering an event code.

Then, you’re able to display the results in real-time with your audience if you choose. This is incredibly helpful for boosting transparency and sparking conversations between audience members. Not to mention, it gives you, as the presenter, powerful data to use moving forward!

Live Polling for Decision Making

Next, we hear from Devon Fata, the CEO & Founder of Pixoul, a “UX consultancy and staffing agency that scales digital products and teams with an ROI of 229%.”

When asked about how Pixoul uses live polling in their organization, Devon explains:

“We’re a small firm, but one use we have found for live polling is as a decision-making tool in design meetings. If we have two competing designs or approaches to a particular site design, it can be a useful way to quickly read the room in a low-pressure format.”

Any effective decision-making tool you have at your disposal is worth its weight in gold! That is, if it helps you make decisions quickly and with confidence. That’s part of the beauty of live polling, if you ask us. 

For starters, you can quickly collect data to make important decisions. But at the same time, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re making these decisions with reliable data backing them. 

Other benefits of real-time data

Real-time data is beneficial for virtually every business. So, if you’re choosing between two design options or you simply want to know what your customers want to see next, you’ve got a fast easy way to find out with live polling!

Here are some other benefits of using real-time data from live polling:

  • Increase audience engagement and get a high response rate
  • Get straightforward dataset creation
  • Receive real-time information from selected focus groups
  • Get immediately shareable results

Ready to start reaping these rewards for yourself? Click here to get started with Swift Polling today.

(And be sure to stay tuned for part two of this series!)


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