Industry Leaders Tell Us How They Use Live Polling (Part 2)


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Did you already catch part one of this series where we talk to industry leaders about how they use live polling with employees and customers? If not, catch it here!

But today, we’re sharing even more unique insights from leaders in a variety of industries. We want to know all about their best practices for live polls and how they benefit their business. 

More Industry Leaders Share How They Use Live Polling 

Here we go! 

Interaction and Engagement

First, we spoke to Eden Cheng, the Co-Founder of PeopleFinderFree. She explains how her business uses live polling for a number of purposes:  

“I often make use of live polls in my company’s business presentations, because it is not uncommon for an audience’s attention to drop. As such, I find it important to be able to create more interaction with my staff by utilizing live polls, in order to help improve the level of engagement in my conference meetings. 

For one, it often helps to encourage my staff to think more deeply about what is being discussed and it also encourages them to lay out their opinions about what is being presented. This in turn allows me to create a sort of group workshop experience that encourages them to speak up more and explain their poll choices. 

This ultimately contributes to better innovation, communication, and productivity, as whenever employees feel like they’ve participated in the presentation and their ideas heard, they are more motivated and inclined to take their assigned roles and assignments more seriously.”

Other audience engagement strategies

Live polling is a powerful tool in your audience engagement toolkit. But it’s not the only one! 

Here are some other tools for engaging your audience:

  • Using live Q&As
  • Offering audience members communication tools, including a dedicated online group chat during your event
  • Games and poll gamification
  • Live quizzes
  • Presenting interactive content
  • Asking audience members to interact with one another (whether in a group chat or in-person)

We talk more about the ins and out of audience engagement in this post.

That includes the many benefits of implementing audience engagement strategies, including:

  • Your audience will be more likely to retain the information they hear
  • Audience engagement helps provoke emotion and boosts attention all at once
  • Your audience is more likely to have a positive experience at the event/conference/meeting
  • Audience engagement helps build brand loyalty and awareness…this is invaluable!

PowerPoint Polling, Anonymity, and Live Feedback

Next, we turn to JP Zhang, the founder of SoftwareHow

JP tells us: 

“I’m a small business owner and tech expert who has used live polls in a number of different situations. I’ve used these with success both in my own business and as part of marketing strategies for my clients.

Live polls can serve several important purposes for a business. With customers in mind, a poll can provide a unique way to increase engagement while obtaining valuable information that can steer your marketing or sales efforts.

Think of a customer poll as a live review. Customers love to review products. And when they have the opportunity to do so live (even if the entire company is the reviewer), it can spur them to action. This valuable feedback can give you significant amounts of insight.

A PowerPoint poll aimed at employees is another tool that can be used to better a business. Employees also enjoy the involvement. And a poll is a way to let their voices be heard in a positive manner.

If the poll is anonymous, it can serve to get critical feedback that employees might be hesitant to reveal in person. This can be used to improve working conditions or address other issues affecting productivity and success.”

Anonymous Live Polling with Swift Polling

Let’s talk more about JP’s last point about anonymous polling. At Swift, we’re big believers in the power of anonymity for collecting accurate and reliable data. In many cases, your audience might be nervous to speak up if their identity is on display. As a result, they may skew their responses. Alternatively, they could opt out of your poll altogether. 

But that’s where anonymous live polling comes in. You can enable anonymity with your live polls with Swift Polling with a click. Then, your audience can speak freely and openly. When they aren’t worried about judgment or fallout from leaders or team members, they’re a lot more likely to tell you how they really feel. 

Create Your First Poll Today

Did these ideas from other industry leaders inspire you to start creating polls for your own business today? Well, you’re in the right place. We have all of the tools and tricks you need to start live polling with ease. Before you know it, you can start collecting real-time data from audiences of all kinds, including employees or customers. 

Start by creating your first poll for free and see how the world of live polling can empower you as an industry leader!



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