Jan 02. 2018

How to Get More Done with Swift Polling’s Productivity Tools

We use various tools to help us overcome obstacles and be more productive in our daily lives and at work. Productivity is key to get more done in less time and with less effort. At Swift, we have always been dedicated to not just solve a major problem our users face, such as audience engagement and participation in different settings, but also ensure that the solution is easy and effortless to use.

In this article we summarized 4 productivity features that save time for our users and make working with Swift enjoyably fast.

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Dec 30. 2017

3 Trending Survey Tools that Excite

Market Research is an essential part of any business operations! It is the best way to find out who your customers are, what is wrong with your business and what are your competitive advantages. Read more…


Dec 27. 2017

Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Are Received by ExciteM

ExciteM is proud to share with its users, that Swift Polling has received two awards: the Rising Star 2017 as a successful startup and the Great User Experience 2017 as a platform providing good user experience by FinancesOnline.  Read more…


Dec 25. 2017

3 Types of “Quiz” Questions You can Ask Your Audience Using Real-time Polling

Many of us face the problem of keeping the audience engaged during our presentations from time to time. People usually get distracted after the first 5 minutes and start using their phones to check emails or read news on social media. Read more…


Nov 22. 2017

How Second Screen Helps to Engage Your TV Audience

Why should you care about second screen?

The TV industry started emerging, penetrating and changing the lives of millions of people by the end of 1920s. Read more…


Nov 16. 2017

How to Use a Text Voting App for Employee Engagement

Engagement Multiplier states that “employee engagement strategies have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits (A. Brown, 2016)” . What keeps the world economy moving? A very simple answer to this is all the different types of organizations and their customers that are the lifeblood of the local and global economy. They emerge, offer and exchange products which puts money flow into motion. Read more…


Nov 05. 2017

4 Creative Ways to Make Interactive Presentations

It is very hard to make every person in the room be attentive and engage in your presentation. One of the proven methods of interactive presentations is asking them questions. However, asking questions verbally very often leads to a chaotic situation, as it is going to be:

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Nov 02. 2017

3 Ways to Use Real-Time Polling in Academic Institutions

Due to the transition of the universities into the digital age, many professors are turning to new technologies to make their classrooms more efficient.

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Oct 22. 2017

6 Tips to Overcome Boring Presentations

Have you ever imagined yourself standing on the stage after all the long nights of preparations and presenting your work to the audience? Then suddenly, when you have not finished your speech, rotten tomatoes are being thrown at you. People start leaving your event in disappointment and you fall into deep despair without any clue why all of that happened. You have put so much effort into getting your presentation ready. What could have gone wrong? The smell of boring presentations! Read more…


Oct 13. 2017

Tools for Audience Engagement in Events, Meetings, & Classrooms

Captivating your audience has never been this easy. In the era of disruptive technologies you are empowered to capture, engage and keep your audience with a single click that is through online Q&A tools. Read more…


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