Sep 03. 2019

How to Organize Effective All-Hands Meeting

An all-hands meeting is generally an organization-wide business meeting in which an executive report is made to employees and stakeholders.
All-Hands meetings are often held on a regular basis as a means of keeping a large group of people up to date on important events and milestones.

An effective all-hands meeting usually begins with an important message and includes some form of question and answer capability. Read more…


Aug 30. 2019

How to Deliver Company Offsite Meetings that Work

As its name suggests, offsite meetings are aimed at bringing employees together “out of home” and talking about the company’s strategy, goals, and tactics.

Many facilitators think that in order to deliver company meetings that work it is important to Read more…


Aug 01. 2019

How to Increase Student Engagement with Swift Polling

Many teachers and professors want to increase student engagement and make classes more interactive. But sometimes that can be an issue especially now in the smartphone era. However, instructors can use the phone and other types of technology to their advantage. Here we are going to discuss how to increase student engagement with Swift Polling. Read more…


Jul 31. 2019

12 Creative Ideas for Your Company Meetings

There are different types of company meetings that are held on a regular or as-need basis. However, the majority of people don’t like company meetings and consider them as a waste of time. Who likes to sit and listen to others for hours?

Before going forward, let’s look at some company meeting statistics: Read more…


Jul 19. 2019

How to Use Web and Text-Based Polling Software for Corporate Training

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use web-based and SMS polling software for corporate training. Read more…


Jul 18. 2019

How to Calm Nerves before Public Speaking

Today we are going to share some tips on how to calm nerves before public speaking. Speaking before an audience can be very intimidating for many of us. However, eventually, we have to face our fears and fight it. Read more…


Jul 18. 2019

How to Create Word Cloud with Live Polling App

Word clouds are the attractive and informative display variation of the open text. They allow you to identify the words, which are more frequently sent as a response. These words are shown larger and bolder.

In this article, you will learn how to create word cloud fast and easy with the help of the user-friendly word cloud generator, Swift Polling. Also,l you will discover creative uses of word cloud questions in different activities. Read more…


Jul 18. 2019

How to Run Successful Board Meetings

Many people think that the main work of successful board meetings takes place at its official, formal event. However, a great deal of important work is done also before and after the meeting. Read more…


Jul 05. 2019

Live Audience Polling with the UK and Canadian Phone Numbers

In this era of interactive communication, analyses of public opinion have become more valuable and at the same time, more challenging to achieve. The digital age provides different ways to gather information and accurately analyze data. Different text to vote and live audience polling can help you to make the audience survey an easy process. Read more…


Jul 02. 2019

Case Study about New Teaching Strategies for Unified Classroom at the AUA

The educational system experiences new challenges. Edu tech devices provide new teaching strategies that proved to be efficient in unified classroom activities.

Modern school curriculum adopts strategies for successful implementation of technologies in classrooms. An interest in technology drives this technological interest in the job market and labor. It is widely accepted that tech devices provide quality at scale. Read more…