Oct 13. 2017

Tools for Audience Engagement in Events, Meetings, & Classrooms

Captivating your audience has never been this easy. In the era of disruptive technologies you are empowered to capture, engage and keep your audience with a single click that is through online Q&A tools. Read more…


Oct 11. 2017

What are Facebook Reaction Polls and Why Use Them?

Reaction Polls are an interactive way to collect votes from your Facebook followers and grow your audience. In a Reaction Poll, the audience votes during a live video by clicking on emojis. It is a very creative way of using the reactions that Facebook released in 2016.

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Jul 11. 2017

PowerPoint Tips to Make Your Presentations More Professional and Engaging

PowerPoint has long been a primary tool to use for presentations during various events and conferences.

We have shortlisted a set of approaches to adopt when creating a PowerPoint presentation, which will make your slides professional and impressive. Have you slides work for you with these tips.

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Jul 02. 2017

5 Icebreaker Techniques to Kick-off Your Event

Icebreakers are one of the most effective ways to kick off a meeting or a conference. The first five minutes of your conference will set the foundation for your entire event. If you excite your audience and set the expectations right, then you have a much better chance of keeping your audiences engaged throughout your entire event. Read more…


May 12. 2017

How to Drive More Engagement and Monetization?

Polling is a good way to obtain audience opinion on a specific subject, and publishers do not hesitate when it comes to asking the questions, instead of answering them as media’s primary engagement. Read more…


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