Real Estate Surveys: Important Questions to Include


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If you’re a real estate agent then there are likely a lot of questions you have for your clients. You want to know their intentions when it comes to selling or buying a home along with all of the details around what they’re looking for. You also probably want to get this information in an easy and accessible way. Enter: real estate surveys.

Questions to Ask in Your Real Estate Surveys

Real estate surveys make getting answers to your questions as easy as possible. They serve as one place for you to ask the questions you need and make it easy for your clients to answer them.

While real estate surveys are simple for both you and your clients to use, they’re really only effective if you’re asking the right questions. Luckily, we’ve taken care of coming with ideas for effective questions so you don’t have to! Here are some of our best personal and property questions you should be asking.

Top Questions for Buyers

Are you going to apply for a mortgage or already working with a lender?

If the buyer is not pre-approved then you can recommend a lender you have worked with before. This can help to make the process smoother and open the doors to discussing finances.

Getting financial information from them will help you to determine the maximum price they can afford.

What is your reason for purchasing a home?

While it may seem like somewhat of an invasive question, understanding your buyer’s motivation can help you when it comes to your search. Putting this question in a survey can help it to feel less invasive. I can also help you get a more detailed answer to the question.

Have you bought a home in the past?

This question is important because it gives you an indication of how familiar they are with the home buying process and your business. You can then plan your time accordingly and get a feel for their expectations.

A first-time home buyer for example, will likely have more questions. They will require more time when it comes to going through the process.

What does your maximum monthly cost look like?

If your buyer looks at this question and isn’t sure then it will prompt them to look into what they can afford. They will need to be realistic on the size of the home, amenities, location, view, and more based on what they can pay each month.

What are your must-have vs your nice-to-haves for your new home?

This is a great real estate survey question. It allows you to figure out instantly what you need to include on your list. As well as what you can take off of it. If they need a certain amount of bedrooms for example, then you know anything with fewer bedrooms can be knocked off the list.

Top Questions for Sellers

What is your reason for selling your home?

Just like knowing the intention of your buyer, knowing the intention of your seller can be great for getting an idea of the seller’s urgency. Do they need to sell right away and therefore need to be a bit more flexible on selling cost? Or are they ok to wait around for the price they want?

Are there multiple people involved in the decision of this sale?

Knowing how many people are going to be involved in the sale of the home lets you consider the roadblocks you could face. For example, if the sale is taking place because of the dissolution of a marriage, then the sale could be a bit more complicated.

What was the previous selling price?

Having this information can help you to figure out whether the value of the home has gone up or down since it was purchased. If it was purchased at a super low price for example, then the seller may be more willing to come down on the price since they will still be making a profit.

Is there any damage in the home?

Your seller will need to make disclosures regarding any damage in the home. This helps to protect them from future legal action if problems are found later on.

What is your selling time frame?

Asking this question helps you to get to the point. You can figure out when they want to be out of the home. You can then work towards this date, or even let them know how realistic it may be.

Set Up Your Real Estate Surveys

Setting up your real estate surveys is made easy with online polling software like Swift Polling. Each of our polls are beautifully designed, easy for your clients to complete, and simple for you to set up. To create your first poll and sign up for free, click here.



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