Running Hybrid Meetings? Read This First!


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Are hybrid meetings the new norm at your organization? The good news is, this means there’s a way for remote and in-person employees to connect and engage. The problem is, it’s not always as direct and efficient as they are when everyone gathers in the same place. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tips for Hybrid Meetings

Today, we’ll break down not only the best practices for running hybrid meetings, but we’ll also share some helpful tools to try out to make your next meeting the best yet.

Keep All Attendees on the Same Level

One of the biggest challenges with hybrid meetings is virtual attendees not feeling as engaged or involved as those who attend in-person. In some cases, they feel like they’re watching from the sidelines rather than actively participating.

To combat this effect, give these tips a try:

  • Ensure your audio/video quality is exceptional
  • Use larger monitors/screens to show virtual attendees to increase their presence in the room
  • Test your technology ahead of time to ensure remote attendees can connect easily

Employ a meeting facilitator

We’ve all been in meetings before where one person seems to dominate the conversation unfairly. In that case, other attendees end up feeling frustrated and coming away from the meeting with more questions than they started with. During hybrid meetings, it can be challenging to keep a natural flow to the meeting without appointing a meeting facilitator. Doing so ensures everyone gets an opportunity to speak up and be heard, even if they’re attending virtually.

Ask the facilitator to keep the meeting on track, including following a schedule (if there is one), and ensuring adequate time is left for Q&A.

Rethink your breakout groups during hybrid meetings

Planning a breakout session for your next hybrid meeting? Naturally, it makes sense to have the remote attendees in one group and the in-person attendees in another, right? Not so fast!

This can send a message to the remote attendees that they’re on a different level than other attendees. Rather than “just making sense,” this reinforces their physical absence more than anything else.

Collect feedback

It sometimes takes a few hybrid meetings to work out the kinks and make sure your meetings are as efficient as possible. One way to speed up this process is by collecting feedback from hybrid meeting participants—both remote and in-person. Be sure to ask them what worked well during the meeting, what was lacking, what would make it better, and any other information that would help your next meeting be even better.

(Swift Polling has the live polling tools you need to collect this feedback. Learn more about them here)

Give Your Next Hybrid Meeting a Boost

We’ve got some helpful tips out of the way, but now it’s time for your best kept hybrid meeting secret: audience engagement software! The beautiful thing about tools like virtual polls, quizzes, and gamification is how they can be used with both remote and live audiences and meeting attendees.

Right off the bat, having all hybrid meeting attendees take part in the same way sets your meeting off on the right foot. Not to mention, you can ensure your meeting is more efficient than ever when you can do things like collect live feedback and conduct virtual Q&A sessions.

Let’s look at these tools in greater detail.

PowerPoint Polling Hybrid Meetings

If your hybrid meeting also includes the use of a PowerPoint presentation, you’re going to love this: with Swift Polling, you can embed your polls directly into your presentation! Attendees can take part by texting the number on screen or using the event code you provide them with.

Your virtual attendees and in-person attendees can both watch results come in live, creating a cohesive environment among all attendees. (In addition to polls, you can also embed quizzes, games, and Q&As into your PowerPoint. Find out how here)


Have you ever been in a meeting where you had a burning question but didn’t speak up for some reason? Perhaps you’re shy. Or maybe you’re worried other attendees will judge you. Or perhaps you fear repercussions from team leaders. But when hybrid meeting attendees can speak up anonymously, you empower them to speak up regardless of these things. They can share their feedback or ask questions, all without sharing their identity.

We’ve covered a lot in this post about remote meetings, but we have plenty of other resources you won’t want to miss!

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