Jul 02. 2019

Why use Swift Polling for millennial classroom management

The millennial classroom management requires more flexible approach to studying. It requires not only constant involvement of teachers in the development of the curriculum but also active student participation. That is why it is necessary to update curriculum regularly and define the existing and possible challenges in the educational system. This development will help to modify newly emerged teaching methods and accommodate these new studying practices. Read more…


Jun 11. 2019

How to use Real-Time Polling for Audience Engagement

In the article, we will talk about how to use real-time polling to engage with your audience. Nowadays, it is becoming much more difficult to keep the audience engaged during an event. The attention span is getting shorter. The human brain can focus on a certain topic for approximately 10-20 minutes depending on a person. Read more…


May 05. 2019

Student Feedback with Swift Polling: Course Evaluation Question Examples

The key to a successful class is student feedback. While teachers create the classes, students will determine if the teaching methodologies, course activities and materials are effective for them. Read more…


Apr 08. 2019

Case Study: How to Make Audience Engagement Real

Engaging audience members during conferences, workshops, seminars and other events is really challenging and requires thoughtful planning.

But it is possible: The following case study shows a successful example of audience engagement during a session organized by marketing guru Roman Daneghyan. Read more…


Jan 28. 2019

How to Use Swift Polling to Make Corporate Meetings Interactive

Corporate meetings are a vital part of any business. Corporate meetings are multipurpose, starting from discussing the company mission and vision, reviewing already carried out business activities and ending with setting up future business goals and strategies. They are a perfect venue for exchanging innovative ideas and collecting feedback. In short, corporate meetings help to keep the whole company staff on the same stage.
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Dec 17. 2018

How to organize a memorable Christmas party?

The job of organizing a company Christmas party can be really scary. The pressure of trying to organize something that all your teammates will like adds even more stress to your holiday season. A Christmas party is usually a cheerful way to bring everyone together and to socialize with them on a more personal level. Read more…


Dec 14. 2018

6 tips to spark your Christmas competitions

We all need icebreakers and fun games to make our Christmas celebrations interesting and memorable. They help everyone have a great experience and keep the atmosphere warm for the whole party. Read more…


Jun 18. 2018

7 Tips to Boost Organizational Citizenship

A strong company culture based on core values and principles shared between all employees is crucial to business success. Companies that put their teams first and foster a spirit of inclusiveness are rewarded with increased employee loyalty, employee satisfaction and low turnover rates.

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Jun 12. 2018

How to use the word cloud in your classroom

Nowadays there are variety of data representation tools that people use to have better experience and the communicate the information. Word cloud (tag cloud) is one of these tools that communicates information in a very creative way. Read more…


May 23. 2018

Teaching sensitive topics in the classroom

Students’ behavior and engagement depend greatly on the atmosphere that is created in the classroom. Whenever the learning environment is positive and safe, students are more likely to participate confidently in discussions. For teachers, practicing good classroom management is essential to achieving this.

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