Jan 17. 2019

5 questions HR managers should ask employees

HR managers are continuously looking for ways to measure employee engagement. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find the right ways to motivate employees or to figure out what resources they are lacking. Read more…


Dec 17. 2018

How to organize a memorable Christmas party?

The job of organizing a company Christmas party can be really scary. The pressure of trying to organize something that all your teammates will like adds even more stress to your holiday season. A Christmas party is usually a cheerful way to bring everyone together and to socialize with them on a more personal level. Read more…


Dec 14. 2018

6 tips to spark your Christmas competitions

We all need icebreakers and fun games to make our Christmas celebrations interesting and memorable. They help everyone have a great experience and keep the atmosphere warm for the whole party. Read more…


Jun 19. 2018

Breaking down a successful PowerPoint presentation

Most people who start making a PowerPoint presentation want it to be something amazing that will wow the audience. But it often ends up being another boring presentation that sends people to sleep. This happens because speakers don’t know exactly what makes a good presentation – the design, the takeaways, the story or something else.

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Apr 24. 2018

How to make an educated guess for good forecasting

It is crucial in every company to make some predictions about future of the business. While some forecasts fail, others succeed in providing realistic and correct predictions, which contribute to the success of the company. There are several techniques for making good forecasts, but the bottom line is the same: Forecast fundamentally is an educated guess and information increases the accuracy. Read more…


Mar 29. 2018

How our mind works: The paradox of choice

You walk into restaurant look through the menu at more than hundred dishes, but after 20 minutes you order what had the day before and walk out. The next morning you wake up and look through your closet, which contains more than 500 different combinations of outfits, then you wear whatever you usually wear and walk out.

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