Broadcast Package

Best-In-Class Participation TV & Audience Engagement

Live viewer engagement

Your cloud-based audience engagement toolbox includes everything you need for interaction, engagement, and participation. With Swift gaming and polling for broadcast, content creators and TV and digital media providers can interact with their biggest fans.

Create in less than a minute

Our impressively streamlined user dashboard lets you create trivia, quizzes, and polls in the blink of an eye. Global production teams use our broadcast package to create live, interactive content quickly and effectively.

Present with stunning graphics

Swift generates live graphics for you. Either in a dynamic HTML5 or through a native integration with a graphic OEM such as vizRT, Ross, Chyron, among others.

Captivate your audience

With real-time data, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your audience and get insight into what they think. Use this data to create live conversations, questions, and audience interaction.


Take your broadcast to the next level with sponsorship, advertisement, and revenue opportunities. Campaigns include built-in CTAs for more conversion options.

Audience retention & insights

The better you know your audience, the longer they’ll stick around! Audience retention and insight tools help you access critical data to improve and optimize your broadcast.

Pay to play

Want to provide premium services for a fee? Offer enticing rewards for your fans while you turn your broadcast campaign into an incredible revenue opportunity.

Real-time campaigns & live events

There’s nothing like a fully-immersive experience to engage and excite your audience. Shout-out your most interactive viewers on-air, offer trivia and prizes, and give them the power to influence the content you share.

Connect, engage, & impact

Gaming and polling tools help your message stand out and make sure it’s one to be remembered. With a wide selection of interactivity features, your audience can be part of your broadcast from beginning to end.
Powerful Features
Custom poll view

Customize your own graphic package within a personalized web template that has your company’s branding and style.

Custom layout

Choose the graphics and visuals that work best with your live stream or show, presented as lower-third or full-screen graphics.

Plan poll launch

It’s up to you: schedule when you want your polls to go live.

Star on social

Allow your audience to vote directly on Twitter using your own hashtags and share the data in real-time.

Download results

Your data can be exported to CSV or Excel documents.

Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.
FAQ for Live Polls
Depending on the option chosen by the presenter, votes can be cast online (including on Twitter or Facebook), or by SMS polling. For interactive presentations where your audience can ask questions, selecting the “open-ended” option is the best choice. Once you’re done, click the “Launch” button. Now your audience can start responding. You can also choose to moderate the questions as you go to remove repetitive or offensive questions before they’re displayed to the audience.
Swift makes it easy for you to navigate between multiple polls so you can vote on different topics and questions at the same time. Depending on the type of question, the limit of how many times someone can respond to the same question is different. The following limitation options are available for polls:

  • One vote per device allowed
  • Unlimited votes per device allowed
  • Custom number of votes per device allowed
For open ended questions and word clouds, your audience can respond an unlimited amount of times via SMS or web. As the host, you have the option to limit these responses when you create or edit your poll.
Creating online polls is easier than ever thanks to the interactive dashboard for Swift users. To create your first poll, create or login to your Swift Polling account. Then, navigate to the user-friendly dashboard and select “Create a poll.” Follow the instructions for creating a poll and in less than a minute you can present your poll on any screen and let your audience vote by SMS or online.
To conduct a web poll, log in to your ExciteM account:

  1. Go to “Create a poll” section
  2. Enable the WEB feature
  3. Go to the WEB settings tab on the right
  4. Choose a template from the template gallery
  5. Select a background from the drop down list

Then, preview your poll before launching it using the “Template Preview” button. You need to have a question as well as answer options typed in to use this feature. Your audience can vote for the poll either by using a link you provide them with, by scanning a QR code, or by SMS polling, depending on which features you choose.
Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.