Make your services more inclusive with live polling in church

Live polls help to engage your congregation, build a transparent environment in church, collect anonymous feedback, welcome newcomers, receive prayer requests, and ease the Gospel learning for everyone.

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Sample questions for congregations

1. Share your prayer request

2. I feel good about my personal efforts to serve God (attend church, fulfill a calling, volunteer)

3. What snacks would you like after the service next week?

Make newcomers feel at home

4. I have witnessed a miracle

5. Would you like to join this church?

6. I came to this church because…

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Enhance Gospel learning during sermons

7. Since I became Christian, I…

8. I pray and read the Bible…

9. What was the first and the biggest commandment that Jesus have to His followers?

10. I feel I am part of a larger Christian family.

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Create an open-ended question and then enable your audience to send in answers.


Collect responses via SMS and demonstrate them using the presentation feature on our intuitive dashboard.


Provide real-time updated results from within your presentation and embark on a fully engaging conversation.

Increase congregation inclusiveness with Swift Polling.

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