Live video integration

Captivate your remote audience with real-time participation as part of your virtual event or webcast!

Works with all major live video streaming services

Swift’s interactive suite works on all major video streaming services. The Swift team can also optimize the experience based on your Content Management System or landing page setup.

Embed your Swift interactive suite into your own website

Participants will be able to watch your stream while participating in live Q&A or live polls all from one location. The look and feel can be customized to match your style. Swift can also personalize a separate landing page with your own brand guidelines as required.

All-In-One virtual event platform

Every aspect of the audience experience is considered, from registration, event video streaming, and engagement. Swift does it all. We’ll take the stress out of your virtual event so you can focus on your incredible presentation.

Live streaming service – CDN (Optional)

Swift provides a custom streaming service with a CDN layer. The CDN layer allows you to broadcast your content to as many viewers as needed. With adaptive streaming at its core, Swift ensures every audience member has an optimal viewing experience based on their internet speed and bandwidth.

Zoom, Webex, Go To Meeting integration (Optional)

As part of our live streaming service, Swift lets you use existing video conferencing software so you can also choose screen capture and webcam settings. Your audience will never miss out on fireside chats, breakout sessions, or other smaller conference options.

Add real-time HTML5 graphics to your event

Our complete HTML5 graphics package lets you present your live data your way. From building custom lower thirds or full-screen graphics with live polling data, audience questions and branded with sponsorship logos, messaging, and more, your live event is truly one of a kind.
Powerful Features
SSO & Protected Content

You’re in control of who accesses your live video thanks to SSO, password protection, domain whitelisting, and embed restrictions. Your private events can be set up with custom access codes.

Access Your Entire Audience in One Click

Your events can be simultaneously streamed across multiple platforms. Choose from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, or a custom RTMP destination.

High-Quality Recordings for Live Events

All of your streams and event sessions that were streamed through Swift will be recorded so you can repurpose your content how you choose.

Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.
Want to know more?

Learn how Swift can help you improve business communication

What is online polling?

Online or web polling is usually presented as a questionnaire on a web page, and participants can answer questions online. Online questions — especially anonymous ones — can help you learn a lot about your audience. People share their opinions without disclosing their identity which means they can answer more openly. Usually, the poll organizer shares a link to the questionnaire. An interviewee follows the link and fills out the questionnaire fields. Then, the system sends the results to the organizer’s computer so they can share the results with the interviewees or the selected group. You can use online questions for a large number of events, including elections, conferences, university lectures, and corporate meetings.

Why should I use online polls?

Using online questions offers significant advantages over other polling options:

  • It’s a cost-effective way to explore your audience: You cut costs by not spending money on paper, printing, forwarding documents, or making phone calls.
  • You save time and effort: Web polling software collects and analyzes responses automatically. All you have to do is create a question and run it, then you stop it when you’re done.
  • Participants can choose when to answer online polls: Comfort and flexibility increase the response rate.
  • It makes the questions easier to access: Organizers notify participants by providing a link in an email, or by showing the questionnaire on the presentation screen. Participants can also respond via computer, laptop, mobile device, etc.
  • Swift internet polls have high reach and scalability.
  • An online questionnaire has flexible settings: You can quickly create packets of questions customized for any audience.
  • Anonymity is essential: Participants feel safe when their identity is protected. This increases responsiveness and completion rates.
  • Feedback is more accurate because an online system handles it: There is no need to enter responses manually, so the error rate is reduced.
  • Website polls are done in real-time.
  • Swift itself provides data in convenient charts to make analysis straightforward.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the most useful applications for online polling.

How to create live questions and answers with Swift Polling

Academic/market research Quick questions are the best option for pre-screening a theory or for a comprehensive sociological study. Marketers will find out what the audience prefers, which products they like most, and which considerations drive shoppers to make specific purchases. Research is more productive with direct interviews with your audience.

Audience Engagement Free online polls make the audience stay on a site or group of social networks longer. This increases the response and interaction with these pages which is useful for SEO and content marketing purposes. Also, communication is vital for education and product promotion!

Event Planning/ Opinions gathering Free web polls collect feedback: where the best place is to host an event, who to invite, what to offer, etc. Any opinion can be collected — impressions of a trip, concert, celebration, restaurant service, and more.

How do I create an online poll?

Our tool allows you to quickly and easily create online polls.

  • When you first log in to your account, you see two ‘Create New Poll’ buttons: one is in the upper right corner and the other in the center of the page. Click on any of them.
  • Select one of the question types: multiple-choice, open-ended, or word cloud.
  • Write your question and click on Launch. Your questions are live right away!

Where online polls can be used

Online polls are useful in virtually any field that involves human interaction. Here are some examples:

Education. The instructor verifies subject knowledge quickly or collects feedback on their instruction.

Government. City or country administration staff can collect information about the success or usefulness of reforms, how efficient changes have been, and much more. Politics. Polls are the most popular method of collecting information for political campaigns. It’s possible to carry out benchmark, tracking, entrance, exit, and other questions using online polls.

Retail. Marketers or retailers can interview buyers with online polls. They want to know whether the product, service quality, and other factors satisfy the customer.

Travel. The easiest way to get travel feedback is to ask travelers what they think about things like a certain hotel, the trip’s organization, and their overall experience.

Volunteering. Free online polls can be helpful for finding volunteers and getting volunteer feedback after events.

How do I vote in online polls?

Often, poll results become a point of reference for making important decisions, so every business has an interest in making sure their online polls are efficient. Here are some tips that will improve the quality of your surveys and the accuracy of your results:

  • Make short questions and surveys — no longer than 10 minutes or 20 questions.
  • Ask straightforward questions.
  • Group your questions by topic.
  • It’s better to place ‘sensitive’ questions at the end of your poll. For example, those about age or education level.
  • Avoid irrelevant questions.
  • Convince participants that all the personal information is entirely safe and will not be shared with any third parties.
  • Take your time on a good design. Attractive visuals increase the response rate in online polls.
  • Add some pictures and videos to keep the interviewee’s attention.

FAQ for Live Polls

Depending on the option chosen by the presenter, votes can be cast online (including on Twitter or Facebook), or by SMS polling. For interactive presentations where your audience can ask questions, selecting the “open-ended” option is the best choice. Once you’re done, click the “Launch” button. Now your audience can start responding. You can also choose to moderate the questions as you go to remove repetitive or offensive questions before they’re displayed to the audience.
Swift makes it easy for you to navigate between multiple polls so you can vote on different topics and questions at the same time. Depending on the type of question, the limit of how many times someone can respond to the same question is different. The following limitation options are available for polls:

  • One vote per device allowed
  • Unlimited votes per device allowed
  • Custom number of votes per device allowed
For open ended questions and word clouds, your audience can respond an unlimited amount of times via SMS or web. As the host, you have the option to limit these responses when you create or edit your poll.
Creating online polls is easier than ever thanks to the interactive dashboard for Swift users. To create your first poll, create or login to your Swift Polling account. Then, navigate to the user-friendly dashboard and select “Create a poll.” Follow the instructions for creating a poll and in less than a minute you can present your poll on any screen and let your audience vote by SMS or online.
To conduct a web poll, log in to your ExciteM account:

  1. Go to “Create a poll” section
  2. Enable the WEB feature
  3. Go to the WEB settings tab on the right
  4. Choose a template from the template gallery
  5. Select a background from the drop down list

Then, preview your poll before launching it using the “Template Preview” button. You need to have a question as well as answer options typed in to use this feature. Your audience can vote for the poll either by using a link you provide them with, by scanning a QR code, or by SMS polling, depending on which features you choose.