Give your entire team the chance to voice their opinion in an effective, organized way with live quizzes, polls, and Q&As.

Powerful tools for meetings

Swift gives you the power to conduct meetings that are more effective and interactive than ever. Whether virtual or in-person, your meetings can be made better with live polls, Q&As, quizzes, and more.

Customers around the world trust Swift Polling

Getting effective employee feedback is easier than ever before

With Swift Polling for meetings, you can incorporate exciting interactive features that will keep everyone’s eyes and ears on what you have to say. At the same time, you give your team the opportunity to share and be heard in new ways, even during remote meetings.

Find out what your employees are really trying to say

Employee feedback is an invaluable resource in an organization. Until now, businesses have struggled to get accurate, reliable, and honest responses from their staff. But with Swift Polling, your team can not only answer the questions you have for them, but feel comfortable asking you what they need to know as well.

Anonymity features empower your team to offer honest feedback

To make your meetings even more effective, we’ve given you the option of creating anonymous polls so your audience can vote with the confidence their identity is hidden from the presenter.

Plan meetings your way

Whether you’re planning all-hands meetings, town halls, or ask me anything’s, your meeting can be more effective in less time with Swift. With a variety of customization features and powerful tools, there’s a way to use Swift Polling to make every meeting more informative, engaging, and interactive.

Add polls to PowerPoint presentations

Share data, graphics, and visuals with a PowerPoint during your all-hands and include quizzes, Q&As, polls, and more directly from Swift into your presentation.
How does it work?

Create Your Event

Log-in to your user-friendly Swift dashboard a few days before your all-hands meeting to start setting it up. We make it easy to send your employees a link so they can submit questions ahead of time.

Prepare For Your Q&A

Whether you’re responsible for answering questions yourself or they need to be sent to management, you can quickly and easily collect employee feedback to prepare the answers. For urgent inquiries, respond directly through Swift ahead of your meeting.

Share Questions On-Screen

Now that you’ve collected all the questions you’ll cover, display them on-screen at the start of your all-hands meeting. Remind participants to send in any remaining questions by entering the event code on

Store & Share Results

Questions and poll votes are automatically saved to your Swift dashboard, but you can also save any unanswered questions to CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets to follow-up on.

Ways to use Swift in all-hands meetings?

Streamline questions and feedback

Notice you’re always getting the same questions or comments during your all-hands? Now you can streamline and organize repetitive questions so they only need to be displayed and answered once with Swift.

Empower quiet employees

Chances are some team members might be reluctant to speak up during big meetings. With anonymity features and the ability to respond or ask questions via phone or computer, even the quietest employees have a chance to be heard.

Gauge understanding of important topics

Quickly poll your employees to determine how well they understood your presentation, how much they agree or disagree with what you’ve shared or asked, and have them vote on topics they most want you to focus on.

Make your next event the best yet with Swift Polling.

Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.