Mobile surveys

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What is a mobile survey?

Mobile surveys make it easier and more convenient than ever to launch polls, collect results, and get valuable data from your audience. Without relying on a desktop computer or laptop, you can turn to the smartphone that’s likely within your reach to create a mobile survey that gets you the critical feedback you’re looking for. Even better, your respondents can participate in your polls just as easily, which boosts survey response rates and cuts down on survey response time. 



What are the keys to a good mobile survey?

If you’re going to create a mobile poll, you want to be sure it’s high quality and built to collect the information you need. 

Here are some helpful tips to follow for creating mobile polls optimized for success:


  • Stick to short and quick questions that are easy to answer
  • Don’t provide too many answer options to choose from or your audience could get confused and answer incorrectly, skewing your survey results
  • Keep your mobile surveys clean and simple looking. Too much branding or too many logos will make the small screen look too busy and distracting.
  • Test your mobile surveys on a number of devices before you officially launch it. This helps ensure there are no issues on different devices and that you’ll be able to collect the data you need, no matter which device your respondents use. 
  • To truly optimize your surveys for mobile use, do your best to limit lengthy surveys or questions that require open-ended responses. Stick to no more than 5-10 questions, and opt for multiple choice answers whenever possible. 

How to use mobile surveys

There are a number of powerful advantages to using a mobile survey tool both for creating and for taking part in polls. Whether you use mobile surveys for fun, for business, for audience engagement or any other reason, these are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from collecting data with mobile surveys. 

Respondents tend to have faster and more frequent access to their phones than their computers. This means they’re more likely to respond to a quick mobile survey as opposed to a longer web poll. If you launch a poll and share it with 500 people, but only 10 of them respond, what good are the results? As a survey creator, it’s important to do whatever you can to boost response rates and hear from as many people as possible. 



Not only are your customers or your audience more likely to actually take part in a survey if it’s mobile, but they are also more likely to be excited and engaged with the survey. It’s also easy to use the results from mobile polling to create further engagement, including sharing real-time results on social media throughout an event. To make it even more fun, consider offering incentives for taking part in surveys. It could be something as simple as entering each respondent into a draw to win a free product or a discount code. Something like this can go a long way for boosting not only customer engagement, but response rates as well!



When respondents can take part in your survey as quickly and easily as possible, you have the data you need to make decisions on the spot. If you ask your audience to participate in a poll on the smartphone they have in their hand right now, or to complete the poll later when they are on their computer, which do you think they’re more likely to choose? The truth is, the sooner you can get your audience or customers to participate in a poll, the better. The longer they wait to participate, the lower your response rates will be. Not to mention, when you receive results right away, what you are actually getting is more valuable, real-time feedback. 



Having your customers participate in a free phone survey with your business smartphone or tablet or from their own device while they’re in the store can provide you with incredibly valuable feedback while their experience is at the top of their mind! For example, before a customer leaves your store, invite them to take part in your mobile poll where you can have them rate their satisfaction with their experience. This not only gives you insight into how your business could improve, but it helps demonstrate to your customers that you value their feedback and want them to be happy. 

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