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Swift’s online voting tool is an exciting feature that allows your audience to quickly vote and provide you with instant feedback.

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  • Quickly and easily create polls to present on any screen and let your audience vote online. In seconds, you’re provided with real-time accurate results from within your presentation to help you spark a conversation and make important decisions.

    How does this simple online voting tool work?

    Step 1

    Create any number of polls and activate the one you want your audience to vote on using our user-friendly dashboard.

    Step 2

    Present your poll to your online audience on any screen and they can quickly make their vote.

    Step 3

    Use your real-time instant results for your own research or to share with your audience. Ready to create your first free online vote? Click here to get started, or keep reading to find out what makes the Swift Online Voting Tool stand out from the competition.

  • Why the Swift Online Voting Tool Is Better Than the Rest

    There’s a reason major corporations and meeting organizers choose Swift Polling time and time again. Actually, there are several! So, what is it that makes Swift Polling better than other voting tools online? Our software provides a variety of incredible advantages over other online voter tools, including:


    We’ve made it incredibly easy to get your live polls up and running. Swift Polling can be set up with just a few clicks, and we offer all of the hands-on guidance and resources you need to take the guesswork out of the process. Even if you’re not technologically skilled, you won’t believe just how simple the process is.

  • Fast

    Not only is Swift Polling impressively easy, but you won’t believe how quickly it can be done either. Some voting software programs take longer to set up than the entire length of your meeting. We’ve made sure you can create a live poll (often in under a minute) so you can get your meeting up and running and gather the information you need from your audience.

    Exciting Features

    Along with the speed and ease of creating polls with our software, we’ve filled it with features that make your entire experience better than you’ll get anywhere else. From multiple channels of voting to presentation mode to PowerPoint embedding and poll scheduling, we’ve thought of it all. From A to Z, we’ve made sure the entire online polling process is straightforward, fun, and personalized.

  • Real-Time Results

    Swift Polling was built to get you the accurate results you need as quickly as possible. The ability to get real-time results and audit them as you go is yet another feature that helps our software rise above the rest. With real-time results, you can further customize your meeting and use that information to create new polls to explore important topics.


    We know how important it is for your online voting tools to be customizable. Otherwise, you won’t get the tailored results you need to make important decisions. Swift Polling gives you the ability to choose from a variety of web templates so you can create a customized poll in seconds. Other options include choosing from light and dark templates so your poll blends seamlessly with the rest of your presentation.

  • Secure

    Advanced security features are critical to the success of online voting software, but unfortunately, many companies haven’t prioritized this feature. At Swift by ExciteM, we know our customers need the peace of mind their data is secure, and we’ve made sure to provide you with this security throughout the entire online polling process. Your data will never be sold, and participants will never receive spam or unwanted text messages after they vote. The responses are private and the phone numbers that your audience are voting from will not be transferred to anyone under any circumstance.

    Anonymity Options

    Getting honest votes and feedback from your audience is vital. This information is often used to make important decisions about your organization, which means it’s critical the data you collect is accurate. We wanted to be sure meeting hosts could trust they were getting honest feedback in their presentations. With that in mind, we added anonymity options for online voting so your audience can vote anonymously.


    Swift Polling includes a variety of features created to ensure you get trusted, reliable results. From voter authentication to technology that ensures members of your audience can’t vote twice, we’ve thought of everything to make sure you get reliable results from your online poll.

Make your Q&A sessions more effective than ever

Give your audience the power to decide which questions they really want to talk about.

Empower your audience to ask questions

When your audience has the option to ask anonymous questions, question quality and quantity improves.

Moderate questions as you go

Filter any repetitive or offensive questions before they go live with moderation tools.

Share popular questions with your audience

Focus on the topics and questions your audience is interested in by displaying the top questions during a Q&A.

Powerful Features


You’re in-control the whole way. Moderate all questions before they’re displayed to your audience.

Social Upvoting

Your audience can decide what questions to cover thanks to real-time social voting.

Custom Embed

You can easily embed your questions into your website or within your virtual event.

Profanity filters

Swift automatically filters out any inappropriate questions when the profanity filter is switched on.

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