PowerPoint polling integration

Connect with your audience using real-time polls, quizzes, and Q&As, all from within your PowerPoint presentation.

Impressively simple

Your audience can vote in your live polls just by texting a phone number or entering an event code.

Control your presentation from start to finish

The mobile version of Swift Polling gives you control of the entire interactive experience, even moderating questions and comments as they come in.

Get real-time feedback

Straightforward polls and surveys are a fast and easy way to check in with your audience and look for areas that are unclear or particularly interesting to the audience.
Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.
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Interactive live polls in your PowerPoint presentation

An interactive poll is one of the best ways to engage the audience in your presentation or lecture. There are a variety of benefits to implementing interactive live polling, including:

  • Even those who are hesitant to speak up or are unable to speak for themselves can share their opinion
  • These polls help you build trust and engage your audience
We’ll help you set up live polling in PowerPoint quickly and easily.

How it works

PowerPoint polling is set up using a plug-in. The most compatible versions are online, 2013+, 2016+, and you can run them on both Windows and iOS. The process involves three steps:

  • You install the Swift Polling Add-In from the PowerPoint Store
  • Login to your account
  • Add questions to new slides
The best part is, no additional software needs to be installed or configured! PowerPoint does it all, and you only need to embed the plug-in one time. After that, you can log in to your account straight from your presentation and create as many questions as you want. Next, you share the presentation with your audience so they can see the questions you’ve created. You’ll explain how to vote (either with online or phone messages) and then click on ‘Start’. When the poll is complete, click ‘Stop’. If you have a small audience (up to 150 responses per month), Swift offers a free version. The free polling software includes:

  • Unlimited number of questions (limit on responses and participants only)
  • Online, SMS, and IVR polling
  • PowerPoint integration
Our software is also fully capable of handling large conferences with up to 7,000 responses per month.

Audience polling inside PowerPoint slideshows

What are the benefits of interactive questions?

  • It’s easy to organize and run. Swift free polling software handles all the routine stuff, and you manage the creative tasks.
  • Your audience is guaranteed to see and understand the questions. You can display your PowerPoint on a screen of any size.
  • It’s easy to engage participants in interactive questions for presentations. They can send SMS messages or reply to the site using mobile devices. The phone number and website address are automatically displayed on the questionnaire slide.
All three main types of questionnaires can be embedded in the presentation:

  • Closed-ended (voting)
  • Open-ended (Q&A, feedback)
  • A word cloud (generating ideas)
That means you have a flexible tool at your disposal to engage your audience throughout your presentation. Listeners also become active participants thanks to live polling. Together, you can discuss the survey and its results which helps improve your audiences’ understanding of your message. People will retain the information better because they’re interested in what you have to say!

Collect and display the results in your presentation directly

You can share your collected data with your audience along the way. Our software for PowerPoint allows you to display information, CTA’s, results, and leaderboards as part of your presentation. With On-Air Mode, you can insert the data you receive into the graphics, and the audience can immediately see the results:

  • You can customize the display in light or dark mode.
  • The charts are shown in three versions: bars, columns, pie.
  • Choose from different color themes.
  • There is a full-screen mode option.
  • If required, you can edit questions or reset voting.
  • Add your own branding to the Presentation page.

FAQ for PowerPoint Polling

It’s easy to make polls for your PowerPoint slides with the Swift Polling plug-in. The plug-in works best with PowerPoint 2013+, 2016+, 2016 for Mac, and Online versions. To get the Swift Polling PPT Add-in follow these steps:

  • Go to your PowerPoint slides and create an empty slide to contain the polls.
  • Go to the PowerPoint Store, select "Get Add-ins" and type Swift Polling in the search field.
  • Add the Swift Polling plug-in.

Once you’ve downloaded the plug-in, you can quickly add polls to your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Log in to your Swift
  • Polling account within your slide.
  • Choose the first poll to show and add it to your
  • slide by pressing Add.
  • Switch between the polls without leaving your slide.
  • Show the voting instructions without leaving your slide.
  • If you need to use your polls in intervals, then add your polls to specific slides.
  • Start and Stop your polls within your slides.
  • Alternatively, you can Start and Stop polls from a second device for an even better experience.

At the top of your slide, your PowerPoint presentation can display the information your audience needs to vote. For smartphone voting, they can either text the number at the top of the screen with their response, or they can visit the provided URL and enter the code displayed on your presentation.

Make your next event the best yet
with Swift Polling.