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Challenge your audience’s knowledge with a fun quiz or an HQ-style or points-based trivia game. trivia game.

1-Click Registration

Allow your users to register immediately with their Facebook/Google accounts. This will simplify your registration and allow them to quickly get in the game. Registration is optional but is used to keep track of scores and prizes. used to keep track of scores and prizes.

Custom form registration

Customize your registration process with a custom form and a username/password. This empowers your users to continue to play from within the same account for as long as you like.


Reward those who play with either highest scoring prizes or random selection of winners for those who play.

Real-time rankings leaderboard

Encourage some friendly competition and keep your audience up-to-date with who’s in the lead on your Live Rankings Leaderboard.

Custom graphics & branding

Create web polls with stunning visuals and stay on brand with custom graphics and images.

Choose from all kinds of trivia games customized to your audience and their interests, including team trivia showdowns and multi-day events. trivia showdowns and multi-day events.

Popular trivia favorites

Multi-round cumulative trivia

Create a variety of trivia games and link participant scoring for a multi-round trivia game. The fun never ends with a multi-day trivia event! Motivate participants by displaying daily winners and overall cumulative winners.

Powerful Features
Choose from multiple question types

Create questions and answers for your audience to choose from, including multiple-choice, image and video-based questions, or straight forward text responses.

Fully automated

Set it in advance with a custom scheduled and let it run for as long as you like.

Advanced customization

Make sure your presentation is inline with your branding and visuals using advanced customization options for logos, images, and graphics.

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Using Quizzes for Business

Quizzes are an excellent way to make an event more exciting and dynamic. This format is equally suitable for presentations or knowledge assessments, a gaming party, or a business meeting. Participants can absorb the material more efficiently with live quizzes, and organizers get to know the audience better. Quizzes can also be adjusted to the specific needs of the participants to maximize efficiency. Here are some of the other impressive benefits of live quizzes:

  • They offer you instant feedback.
  • Participants can make valuable notes.
  • Organizers get a quick assessment of participant knowledge on a subject
  • Organizers can identify quickly whether the material is being understood.
  • Fun interactive quizzes turn learning into an interactive and exciting experience.

What is an interactive quiz?

An online interactive quiz is a way to test knowledge on a particular topic. A good quiz not only monitors understanding and perception, but also sparks conversation. Participants share information with the organizer on an equal playing field. Playful online quizzes improve both learning and perception. That’s why competition quizzes, interactive trivia quiz questions, and other quiz types are useful educational settings. They can also energize a business meeting, conference, master class, or seminar.

How to create live questions and answers with Swift Polling

Swift Quiz features and tools include:

  • Question Evaluation
  • Time Limit
  • Results
  • Winners

Question Evaluation means that you evaluate the way participants respond to questions and monitor their scores. You can also see things like how many people have answered correctly and incorrectly and which sources for correct answers were used. Time Limit means that participants should be able to complete the test in a limited time frame. You can then display any number of results and use the following options: Wall display — each value in separate boxes on one screen/slide. Single display — a separate slide for each response

Where live quizzes can be used

Thanks to their significant flexibility, online interactive quizzes can be used for a number of purposes in a variety of settings.

Quick quizzes can be used to create an active and engaged atmosphere at events and meetings. With the help of these tests, the organizer can quickly gauge:

  • Audience awareness
  • The problems that are most interesting to your audience
  • Participants’ thinking level: how quickly they solve problems and which questions are easiest to answer

Evaluation quizzes: Evaluations are more comfortable and less stressful when conducted in a gaming format. Participants love these quizzes because they’re interesting, exciting, and allow them to assess their knowledge level. Participants demonstrate their knowledge immediately and can compare their results with others. The organizer can find out which areas require improvement and which are well understood. This can be especially useful for hearing from employees or to determine how effective training sessions have been. They also allow organizers to find out who would be the most effective at handling a specific task in the future.

Presentation quizzes: You can make presentations fascinating and unforgettable with interactive online quizzes. The audience will improve their understanding and knowledge while you offer tests at the beginning, end, or directly during the presentation.

Competitions: Spark a competition within your audience using quizzes. They’re super fun for your audience (including at family games nights!) while also providing you with valuable insight.

Fun interactive quizzes: These quizzes are designed to help participants relax and create a fun atmosphere for them—people are more likely to remember events that result in positive emotions! Improved memory retention is just one of the benefits of taking quizzes live! When an educator uses a real time quiz to make learning more fun, teachers and students alike will enjoy the process.

Quiz event: The quiz itself can be an event within your presentation. The interactive test collection can be used to fill an empty window of time at a conference. The quiz maker can use the results to promote a healthy sense of competition between players, and the host will be remembered for making learning fun!

Swift Polling can help you organize and improve a presentation, event, or lecture with convenient and easy online interactive quizzes! Your participants–whether they're at school, distance learning, in the office, at home, or tuning in from anywhere else in the world–will love this real time opportunity to make learning fun, boost memory retention, and strengthen your team.

Whether you are a quiz taker or a quiz maker, the interactive element of participating in live quizzes from anywhere, on any device, is invaluable! No matter what you hope to get from your quiz results, you've got all the tools you need to succeed with Swift Polling.

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