Swift vs Mentimeter

Collecting votes through SMS

SMS voting: collect votes via text message

Easy text voting experience: ask your audience to vote by sending a text message to your Swift Polling phone number

Voting channel analytics: after receiving polling results, learn how many of your participants voted through sms

Customized text reply for sms voting: customize the text reply that people receive after sms voting

Branded text reply for sms voting: promote your website or any other webpage by adding the URL in the text reply that people receive after submitting their sms vote

Collect text replies with Swift polling
Present the results of text replies with Swift Polling

Presenting the results

Presenting the results in PowerPoint: add polls to your PowerPoint presentation using the Swift Polling add-in.

Presenting on the web: Present the polling results online using the Presentation page

Background mode: Present the results either using dark mode or light mode

Chart types: Choose from the different types of charts to present the polling results

Chart colors: Choose from the multiple chart colors provided by Swift Polling

Poll navigation: switch between the polls right from the Presentation page

Open-ended and word cloud moderation: moderate the responses to open-ended questions or word cloud before presenting the results to the public

Instructions mode: Display the instructions before presenting the results on the Presentation page

Intuitive and user friendly

User-friendly dashboard Swift Polling
Create polls in less than a minute
Create a poll in less than a minute with Swift Polling’s intuitive dashboard
Pocket-friendly prices with Swift Polling
Access all the features with free plan
Get full access to all of the on-site features within the free trial
Export results of SMS voting with Swift Polling
Export polling results​
Export the results of your polls and open-ended questions
Swift Polling web-based
Fully web-based​
There’s no app to download for voting, your users do not even need a wifi or a smartphone

Pocket-friendly pricing

Do not get out-of-pocket: Swift Polling provides pocket-friendly prices for non-compromised quality

Pocket-friendly pricing non-profits: Non-profits can get 20% off on regular pricing plans

Pocket-friendly pricing for educational institutions: Educational organizations can get up to 60% off the regular pricing plans.

Custom plans: If you need bigger plans that are not listed on our Pricing page, then contact us and we will provide a custom plan

Swift Polling SMS voting with pocket-friendly pricing
Great support from Swift Polling

Great customer support

Live-chat: Get live chat support from our experienced customer support advocates

Demo call: Schedule a demo call with one of our product managers to get help with your enquiries

Email support: we will get back to your email enquire within the next 12 hours

Blog support: Our Blog page to give you more insights about use cases and tips to effectively use Swift Polling

Phone support: If you’re in a rush, contact Swift Polling support on the phone

FAQ: Get technical support from our product manager to the most frequently asked questions.

Make your next event the best yet
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