Get more accurate, reliable feedback
on pressing company issues

Your next AGM will run smoother and provide you with faster, more reliable data with
Swift Polling on your side

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Create a real-time dialogue with your audience

Find out what your audience thinks and let them vote from their computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

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Make your presentation truly interactive with real-time results

Share poll results with your audience in real-time either directly from Swift’s dashboard or within Microsoft Powerponit.

Choose from multiple poll types

Pick a poll type that works best for you, including multiple-choice, open-ended, word-cloud or survey options.

Create polls on the fly

We work hard to keep it simple. You can create your polls ahead of time or craft them as you go.

Use surveys to collect live feedback

Your audience can offer real-time feedback during your next meeting or conference. Use the data as you go or study it once your presentation is complete.

Get a plan customized to your organization needs

Any employee or audience interaction is now a two-way conversation.
Everyone in your audience has a phone, now
you can turn that distraction into an engagement.

  • Question iconMake it engaging, allow your employees to send in their questions for your all-hands meetings or AMA.
  • Speech bubble iconMake it safe, empower your audience to share their feedback and opinions honestly and anonymously (anonymous responses are optional).
  • Competition cup iconMake it competitive, with a suite of gamification tools (prizes, points, and leaderboards).
  • Fun iconMake it fun, more interactive, and more inclusive.

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