Create a word cloud with your audience

Create a free word cloud with Swift Polling to visualize popular phrases and big ideas from your audience 

What is a Word Cloud?

Whether you call them word clouds, tag clouds, a word collage, or a wordle, the idea behind this tool is to collect data and insights from an audience and have them visually represented in a cloud of words. The more frequent an answer or response, the bigger and bolder it will appear. Not only is it visually appealing, but your audience will get a thrill seeing their input represented this way over traditional graphs and charts.


Live Word Cloud

A live word cloud lets your audience visualize their ideas in real-time.

Interactive Word Cloud

Collaborate with your audience and let them see their ideas come to life in a word cloud on screen.

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How Do Swift Word Clouds Work?

Word clouds work by representing more popular ideas in bigger or bolder spaces and fonts. For example, you could poll your audience on their favorite color and give them blue, red, and orange to choose from. If the majority of the audience votes for blue, the word “blue” will be the biggest and boldest in the word cloud. Then, if red is the second most popular choice, it will be represented by the second biggest size. Finally, orange will have the smallest representation in the word cloud. You can also let your participants choose from a longer word list, or ask them a question they can submit an open-ended answer to.



When to use Word Clouds

Holding a brainstorming session? Or maybe you want to break the ice in a new group? To discover popular opinions or illuminate complex topics that need further discussion? No matter, a word cloud helps presenters inspire, engage, and interact with their audience! Word clouds can be used during in-person and remote meetings and events–and with software like Swift Polling, it only takes a few clicks to set up polling tools and start collecting feedback, input, and other data.

Teachers can quiz their students or get their opinion on a particular subject with word cloud images. Rather than displaying results in a graph or chart, let your students see their responses in a vibrant, colorful tag cloud format that sparks conversation. This is a fun alternative to traditional quizzes or Q&A sessions that everyone will enjoy.

Rather than relying on each group member to speak up and share their vote or opinion, why not have them enter their answer online with a PC, Mac, or smartphone, or via SMS message and create word clouds? This streamlines the voting process and also boosts transparency by showing the data in real-time.

The key to an engaging and effective presentation is making it interactive. One of the best ways to do that is calling on your audience to share thoughts or vote on a particular subject and share the results with them in a word cloud.

Any chance you get to add an exciting visual element to your marketing materials, you’ll notice how much more your audience interacts and engages with it. Rather than using an image with basic text on it, create a word cloud to use for your marketing campaign and you’ll be amazed at the response!


How to Make a Word Cloud

First, you’ll enter your Swift Polling user dashboard and select “Create a Poll.” Then, you will choose the Word Cloud option to visualize the keywords your presentation audience submits in this classic, colorful format. You can ask an open-ended question or have your audience pick from a set of words you choose. When you create a word cloud with Swift, you have the ability to share the word cloud with participants or keep it to yourself. You can even filter out certain words, moderate answers, and use a profanity filter to watch for offensive words.

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FAQ for Word Clouds

How do I create a word cloud?

You create a word cloud with the Swift Polling tool in just a few simple steps. Once you have created an account, you’ll then choose “Create a Poll.” Next, you select the word cloud option button, enter a question, and share the word cloud with your audience. They can enter their response online, on the Swift Polling site, or via SMS message. You can share your word cloud URL with audience members, have them scan your QR code, or send it to a participant's email address.

How do you make an interactive word cloud?

Once you have shared the link to your online word cloud poll with your audience, it instantly becomes an interactive experience and one of your all-time favorite audience interaction tools! They can enter their words and even watch the results come in live right alongside you.

Where to use word clouds?

You can use a free word cloud generator service virtually anywhere and anytime you want to interact with an audience. Whether it’s for an in-person meeting or a virtual event, word clouds work the same way. This interactive tool is commonly seen in classrooms, boardrooms, at events, businesses, and anywhere else people rely on audience interaction and feedback.

How do I make a word cloud in real-time?

Within a few minutes, you can create and launch a word cloud with the Swift Polling tool. You can then start watching your word cloud come to life right before your eyes even quicker than that! Results are collaborated in real-time, and your word cloud will be updated as more people enter their responses on the site with your designated URL or via SMS.

What are some best practices for creating word clouds?
  • If you are creating a live poll word cloud, make sure the options your audience has to choose from are very clear and straightforward.
  • For an open-ended poll question type, make sure the questions make sense and ask your audience to keep their responses as short as possible.
  • Be sure to export your word cloud for later. You can repurpose it to use it in email campaigns, newsletters, on your website, a presentation, and for a number of other purposes. Exporting your word cloud is one of the powerful tools included with your Swift Polling account.
  • Let your audience watch the word cloud develop in real-time rather than only sharing it with them once all of the results have been collected.
How do you use a word cloud generator?

You use an interactive word cloud generator tool to automatically create a word cloud based on the data your audience sends in. The more popular a response is, the bigger its space in the word cloud will be. A word cloud generator automatically collects the content your audience sends in and transforms the words into a text bubble that can be a powerful tool for a presentation, for education, business meetings, and much more.

How do you make a word cloud easy?

When you use a simple, straightforward polling app, wordle creation is easier than ever! Set up a word cloud to use with a business, a team, for education, and all kinds of other presentations. An audience or team can vote in polls simply by choosing from a list of words or selecting an option from a word list the teacher, presenter, or moderator shares with the group. Because of how versatile and easy word clouds are to make, the way you use them is up to you! Presenters can use word cloud creation as a way to enhance their presentation, rather than relying on basic words and text without a creative visual element.